Saturday, 24 February 2018

Saturday - another one done, almost

Its always nice to have a bit of sunshine and it brought out a large number of volunteers today intent on making the most of it while it last! So with did today with a big shunt.

Steve was quickly into action fitting the final 2 tables in 4614 thus completing the interior fitting out.

After morning coffee it was on with the shunt and the sun shine allowed us to show off 4614 to its best. Not to bad for a near 60 year old. It just needs final checks on the bogies before going into service. Some of the checks have already been done by John Hamer and things are looking pretty good in that area as well.

In its place in the paint shop came 21092 In theory in for a quick repaint.......

but then we looked at the interior. We knew some of the seats needed attention and the upholstery team were soon looking at the worst one. removing tis seat back for attention in thr upholstery shop. Mean while Kevin went a seat hunt and has located, 'in the stores', a couple of potentially very suitable replacement that may well save some effort.

we also looked at the corridor flooring and  the investigation was not a happy one. We may have to think this restore out again.

The shunt does give us a chance to see just where we are with the work in hand. BSK 34929 out in the sun

as it swapped places in the workshop and the barn with the green TSO 4986

The LMS brake van with Clive waiting for the next move

(Picture Richard Stone)

retained its position as did the China Clay wagon. All be it they both had to move out and back in again during the shunt.
(Picture Richard Stone)

It was another training day for our new shunter driver Ian Stroud.
(Picture Richard Stone)
he did haver the 'L plates' on the O3 under the watchful eye of Phil who has been out sole driver for quite a few years. So hopefully in the future he will have a little help.

(Picture Richard Stone)

A different view of the shunt
(Picture Richard Stone)

With the shunting completed Richard got in the picture himself showing off the latest piece of his handy work. A neatly cut and well fitted corner. that will soon be ready for painting.

 Painting more of the running board on the LMS brake van was the order of the day for Clive

after the shunt James was soon back into action re-plating the south end of 4986 with John Squires cutting and trimming the new section in preparation.

At the other end shunt over Ian, Andy and Ken set about dismantling the north end ready for similar repairs.

The upholstery team occupied themselves during the shunt with some seat covering for Toddington. Well tat will brighten up the office!


Having taken an opportunity during the shunt to move some seats from store to workshop Dave was soon back to removing the old worn covers.

While Jenny and John worked on another of the office chairs.

and Penny marked up the sext section of the chain link mochette according to the detailed plan so that there is no wastage, this is the back of the cloth.

With the assistance of many John Squires was positioning and unpacking the latest bit of kit to arrive in the workshop; a milling machine. This will replace an old and a bit worn pillar drill and at the same time enhance our facilities.

My thanks to Richard Stone for the additional pictures today. Its always nice to get another view of what's going on!


Alex said...

Oh dear RE 21092, that's a pain. Love the L plates though, I'll have to bring in my 'P's when Ian passes! :-)


crossleydd42 said...

Yes, she's desreving of a little TLC, methinks!