Sunday, 11 February 2018

Saturday - well connected.

The last blog started with a picture of Phil putting the electric connections back on 4614. We are not sure id this was deliberate or just by accident. There are 4 electrical connections on the carriage.

This one made by Metro Vickers

was supplied to the LNER

there is a GWR connector.

and LMS connector.

and a BR connector. So this carriage is defiantly well connected.

The work to complete the door fitting is on going today Chris was fitting new lock plates to 2 door frames


Steve was trimming and fitting the draught strips

He also fitted the last panel to the door.

The upholstery team fitted the seat bases to the south end having been given the all clear from Paul, who has completed 3 coats of sealant to the floor.

That then allowed Steve to start fitting the tables. The first one in and Steve's feet protrude from under the next one. He completed the fitting to the whole of the south end

while the upholstery team counted and sorted the remaining seats ready for the north end.

Steve also did a count up and found he was 2 table legs short. After a hunt round they were still on the storage rake. so I set to and cleaned them up ready, hopefully, for them to be fitted next week.

Braving the cold in the barn Ian and Andy had an exhausting day. The jacks are out of use at the moment one of them having developed a fault during the week so to do the job so easy from above became hard work.

The job was to investigate the brake rigging. This is supposed to be straight!

After some straightening it was over to John Osborn to weld a bracing bar into the rigger to stop it bending again. This is a standard BR fix that was never applied to this carriage.

while that was being done, Ian and Andy cleaned the other components.


Also in the barn was James continuing the re-panelling of the green TSO south end.

 Ken was reconnecting communications cord rodding at the north end of the BSK.

Paul and Richard were again working on the planking for the china clay wagon.

Clive was painting the foot boards of the LMS Brake van, and yes the that is grit in the paint.

Pam was engaged in priming the new noticeboard s for Broadway.

 while slightly less grand Ainsley was painting some notices for the war week-end camp site.

The upholstery team repaired to their workshop for a spot more work on seat restoration.


St Blazey 1925 said...

All souls gainfully employed ! To wondrous effect, it has to be said. (The old style language is probably because I am reading a history book at present. - It tends to rub off on you as you immerse yourself in the details.)
Doing well, anyway.
Regards, Paul.

Toddingtonted said...

Thank you once more for an interesting and detailed blog update. The variety of electrical connectors is particularly interesting as I'd thought they would all be BR, clearly not! 4614 looks amazing and I'll seek it out when I visit in March all being well. Great stuff folks.