Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Saturday - Variety

Another large crowd attending. Not so many photos as I was at a seminar for most of the morning.

Phil and Alan top coat the new serving counters destined for the DMU centre car.

Shelving and other parts of the counter to be top coated and varnished.

The south end of the china clay wagon is looking very good. Paul adds red top coat to the vacuum pipe.

Later on with Richard holding one of the recently top coated planks in place, Paul very carefully drills the bolt holes (please note: the camera angle makes this look unsafe - Richard's hand was actually well away from the drill area).

In the making! New metal bases for TSO 4614's removable tables being made on the lathe by John Squires.
He had to turn down some steel rod to the correct size act as 'spike' to locate into the centre hole of the circular disk. John Osborn then  soldered the spike into the bottom of the brass table leg foot.


We don't normally photograph Steve lying down, but to get the job done, sometimes he has no choice! The tables are of course being installed in the new wheelchair area.
Steve then had to sink the disc into the floor. The tables are removable so the foot can't be screwed down hence the need to the solid location point.
The upholstery team had already fitted all the seat bases.
Following on from the previous report, Derek is now fitting the footboard lifters on the Malvern side of the LMS guards van.


Moving on out to the Barn Richard J. (and Kevin) were replacing the vacuum cylinder underneath BSK 21092.


Out into the yard to watch Phil very slowly moving an errant bogie, with John carefully checking to warn of any hint of a derailment beginning. I didn't stay long, but believe the move was completed successfully.

Mike came in for a second Saturday (he is normally one of our Wednesday gang) to finish off the double doors on 4614, here attaching the base to one on the Cotswold side. This can now be painted.


More on the wartime weekend effort, with Phil wheeling one of the painted oil drums to the collection point in the yard. The new road demonstrates its benefits!


Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Great progress. 4614 will be a flagship for the restoration team!
The china clay wagon is looking more like a wagon and less like a chassis looking for a home!
Well done ALL!
Regards, Paul.