Thursday, 11 January 2018

Wednesday - blink and you miss it.

Blink and you miss it was very much the case today as far as taking pictures for the blog was concerned. There are a lot of separate threads of work coming together; so making sure they reach fulfilment and the everybody is ready for the next step was important with various fairly short dates now to desirable.

Geoff was completing the construction of 2 boxes for 4614. These will be used to hold the removable tables for the disabled area of the carriage.

The first one was already being painted and varnished by Des and late in thr day theother one joined it ready for painting.

The tables themselves are all being recovered and 2 of the shortened for the disable area where we also fit a fixed shelf for coffee cups etc. Dave ward was on gluing ans sticking resulting the pile of table tops waiting for the glue to set.

With the main painting now pretty well complete round the door openings Craig was able to start fitting the rubber draught strips that the door bases fit against. The original channel for the strips is 3/4" wide. Our new strip is 1" wide so Craig had to chisel out the channel.

Then he joined the gluing and sticking team putting the rubber in.

Paul was fitting the bottom foot to one of the doors it needed a little adjustment to get the profile looking right.

Then it was back to door panels

along with Mike who was trimming a panel for fitting round the door lock.

Ken Austin was busy welding

a new J section for the corridor connection of the BSK.

At the south end of the BSK Rex was finishing the welds off by grinding them flat ready for painting. he went on to paint it all with red-oxide.

Ken with assistance from Brian was freeing up a stop value for the steam heating of one of the carriages.

and totally cleaning off the old paint of the tare plate.

A large group of the upholstery team along with Gerry, Bryan and myself set about resuming the seat swap in 5023 that started before Christmas. We were planning to do it after morning coffee in the hope the temperature would have risen by then.

However, I realised that Phil and Richard were heading for the P'Way sidings and the roller shutter van. The van needed moving so that P'Way can get the set of points needed for Toddington out from the undergrowth adjacent to the van. The plan was to move the van round in the yard a fairly inaccessible spot and I wanted to load the extracted seats from 5023 into it. Not a practical move with the carriage in its new location.

So it was a quick round up of everyone and move fast. Fortunately I managed to intercept the van move and fortuitously suspend it with the van in platform 2 .....just 2 carriage length away from 5023. So it was forget the pictures of the seats being removed! Get them out along the platform and stacked neatly in the roller shutter van before its move was completed.

In the afternoon and at a more leisurely pace the gang less me took the rest of the new seats out to the carriage and while they are not 'installed' they are in the carriage ready for fitting next week. In the mean time Phil and Richard managed to do a bit more shunting so no wasted time. Me I was diverted to a far more important job. Go get some more milk or there is no tea this afternoon!

The top coat finishing on the Malvern side of 4614 was continuing with several involved.

while Trevor and on the other side Malcolm continued prep work on the BSK.

Down the yard and way out of sight Russ and Davy painted the floor of the RMB. Steve Smith was working under the new lighting on the mezzanine floor, ironically he making some carriage lights for us.
There was some critical assessments of the newly arrived BCK carriage. While it is faded, on one side the paint is badly cracked so it will have to come off and be repainted. The carriage is not fit for us to run. The thing is we are wanting to run this carriage for Broadway and through the year to make up the third rake. So there was a lot of forward planning going on as to how we could reasonably achieve it.
As Baldrick would say 'I have a cunning plan!'


St Blazey 1925 said...

Was the shunt the reason that P Way couldn't find their mess coach by any chance? From Jo's blog, 'Gorillas in the mist', may have been a good title.
I do see what you mean when you titled this blog 'Blink and you miss it'. Did you actually have time for tea with all that was going on? Well done to you all. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Totally unleaded they lost the mess coach early in the morning mist. Our yard shutter diesn;t like moving that early in the day.

Alex said...

More to the point, the P'way mess coach was at Toddington, not Winchcombe!

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

We are finding these blog reports and comments so amusing! It just goes to show what a happy band of people are on the "Cotswolds Smiling Line" and it's supporters just love them. Well done every one.
Paul & Marion

St Blazey 1925 said...

That fog must have been thicker than I thought! That's twice now that I have got Winchcombe and Toddington mixed up when making a comment! (Mentally smacks wrist). Regards, Paul.