Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Wednersday - battles

The snow overnight may have been only a flurry but it them froze solid creating an ice rink surface to drive on. If you approached Winchcombe as I do down the big hill life got very exciting. it is very of putting having a managed to stop you then, with the brakes still on, start moving down the hill again! so my 40 minute journey took 85! So well done to the other 30 members of C&W signed in today. this of course meant standing room only in the mess room.

On 4614 today there were key steps forward. Steve and Colin fitted the double doors to the saloon from the vestibule. I'll try and get a better picture tomorrow.

We started window cleaning with Graham cleaning the interior windows and Russ starting on the exterior.
Dave Ward was completing the set of table tops for the carriage.

and Craig was fitting another of the rubber draught excluders to the bottom of  a door portal in this case door 5.

While Paul and Mike continued with the panelling of doors. Des was back to painting the inside and varnishing the outside of the store boxes for the removable tables.

In the barn the BCK's flaking paint was under attack again with lots of people having a go at it. David, Rex, Gerry, Ainsley and Trevor to name a few!

there was more than one method used, the powered wire brush

or the heat gun and scrapper.

On the adjacent jack road the green TSO was also being worked on. While Graham stripped some of the interior panelling for the welders. Ken Austin was starting on the removal of the rusted lower end section at the south end.

That was after remove the birds nest.

The upholstery team were confined to the workshop today. They had hoped to complete the seat swap in 5023 but a very large shunt was underway in the yard which had the carriage way out of reach. The shunt, which had the Chairman walking miles up and down the yard, great stress relief, was to sort the carriages out that still need to come into the jack road for some bogie and brake work during the closed season. It also occupied Phil and Bob all day too.

So John and Jenny were doing some more work on the Diesel seats

while Penny stripped some arm rests ready for recovering

and Dave prepared seat bases

Another job external to the department today was the re-opening of the bomb factory for the war week-end organisers. John Varley with 2 more redundant fire extinguishers for conversion. One has the 'fuse' still in it. We really must get a bomb disposal squad together.

Pam had the opportunity to pop in today and got roped in to repairing some steps for the end of the BSK. The first job was to cut out a new side piece for the step

Then under Nick's guidance, to get the welding gun at the right angle,

weld the section in place. we also identified some other 'useful' things to be done.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Well! I thought we had had some bad weather down here in Cornwall with high winds and incessant (sometimes at 90 degrees to the normal), but nothing compared to what you have had 'up country'!
The next step with railway should be overnight accommodation for workers, in case you or anyone else was stranded and couldn't get back home. (assuming you had phoned the good lady and said why, of course - hope you lot don't snore!).
4614 is going from strength to strength. A real wonderful accolade to you all.
The new BCK is getting there (as one railway advert from the 70's said).
And re-upholstery at GWsR always seems better than on any other preservation railway!
Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Broadway stationmasters house is a B&B... as I think is Winchcombe. One day the GWSR could consider running a b&b as a commercial concern???! Sb

Nozumi said...

I assume you also have to give all your wagons an annual check ? Those ballast ones have seen a lot of use lately.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Our maintenance team have a regular program of checks. The carriages get 2 checks BR exams each year. The major one during the winter closedown. The wagons get checked before the gala and the PWay stuff fits round there usage.