Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Tuesday - Fair weather maintenance

 We were really blessed with good weather and with 14 attending we had plenty of capacity to enable some good work outside on our running rakes, and in the sunshine too!

However starting off in the Paintshop, Cheryl began her day adding more varnish to the new back panel for one of TSO 4614's double doors, the Broadway Station handrails, and the second drinks shelf for 4614's disabled area (just visible at the back).


Her next job was cleaning up the table supports for 4614 with wire wool.


Keith later continued the job and then moved the finished supports into the Paintshop ready for mounting in the coach.

Stu was once again bouncing from job to job. The last of the new wood blocks for the buffer extension rests was fitted and then given a final coat of black gloss
It was then onto the items alongside the wall of the Paintshop. Initially dark grey undercoat for some new corridor end woods, followed by the first coating of Freight Brown for more new planks for the china clay wagon.
Finally some more tidying up of the paintwork on 4614. Fussy? You bet - we aim to make our coaches look as good as possible!
Not forgetting the communication cord flags with Richard adding the red gloss.

Steve was also in, finishing off the centre Cotswold side door with new rubber seals and beading (Stu soon had this painted up afterwards as well). Steve then moved on to fitting the second of the drinks shelves as Cheryl's varnish had dried.
Maurice cleaned up the remaining hand and safety rails on the LMS guards van, and then primed each with oxide before undercoating in white.
Being such a lovely day enabled us to tackle one of those Winter maintenance jobs that is often left because of other more urgent repairs and that is replacing worn doorframe seals. Those on TSO 4772 were particularly bad. Dennis begins on the Cotswold side centre door while David attacks the one at the north end.

They can be quite tricky to replace with rusting screws often a problem, but thankfully we generally seemed to escape this.  Ainsley completes the attachment of one of the new rubber seals on the Cotswold side centre door.

The easiest way to ensure the replacement seals when on straight and true was to staple them onto the backs of the beading before reinstating them. In Blue Peter fashion Bob holds up a batch he has done for two of the doorframes in SK 24949.

Meanwhile over on the Maroon rake, Richard and Adrian replaced worn seals on three of the doors on BSK 35308.

It wasn't all good news when we discovered that the Malvern side north end door area on TSO 4772 was somewhat wet, with a lot of soft wood and flaking paint. The possible cause may have been the silted up gutter, which I was able to partially clear by reaching up out of the window - the excess water soon drained off. Some work will be required here before replacing these seals.


Another problem was the sticking Cotswold side centre door. Dennis was able to sort this out and began repairing the frame. This was then undercoated.


With most of the seals replaced in 4772 we could begin the tidy up of the surrounding areas. John carefully removes flaking paint prior to some careful sanding and a top up with the Executive Light Grey. This job will be done for all the door areas over the next few days. The other coaches having varnished beading and panelling seemed not to need any repair work.

The good weather meant we could also do some spot repairs to the Cotswold bodyside of 4772, which essentially comprises digging out old cracked paint, priming, refilling and repainting. This in effect is simply a holding action until we can get the coach back into the Works for a quick refurb.


Finally, the status of the new yard road at the end of Tuesday.


Report by Dave Clark

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