Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Tuesday - The start and the finish

A very mixed bag of activities today.

On the finish side of things was the lining out on the Cotswold side of TSO 4614, which was started by Alex on Saturday, was completed by Richard, Cheryl and Adrian. The centre door is currently back with the Door Team and will be completed when reinstated.


The end result is superb. Well done Team!


On the reverse side Stu and Maurice completed the second top coating. Lining out should be able to be done in a few days time. Stu also went round adding a second coat of black to the sole bar.

Bouncing from one job to the next, Stu and Maurice next tackled the new bins for the enlarged vestibule, adding gloss black and varnish respectively. These will hold the tables for the wheelchair area.


With her bit of the lining out completed, Cheryl finished her morning with a coat of Freight Brown on the planks and corner sections from the china clay wagon.

Moving into the Barn and the start side of the equation. BCK 21092 was sadly a disappointing sight when it appeared last week and the Cotswold side in particular a mass of splitting paintwork. Bob and Tony got going and by the end of the day managed to clear several of the upper panels back to bare metal.

In other areas, particularly on the Malvern side, the cleaned up splits in the paintwork could be primed and filled, and John Hughes made a good start with this.


The results of Bob and Tony's work so far, with three stripped upper panels.


Further along, John was able to do some more filling. Although it looks bad, this part was better than the area that had to be cleared. We had a similar problem with BSK 32949 but not as bad. Overall a long way to go yet, but some good progress made.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

Good work indeed! The paintwork on 4614 looks great.
The last picture looks to me as if someone has had a go at graffiti of some sort that makes that area require attention.
Nice to see the china clay wagon coming along too, especially as I live in Cornwall where the china clay is processed before travelling to the Potteries. Regards, Paul.

Toddingtonted said...

TSO 4614 seems to have had a phenomenal amount of work done to it over the last 12 months but your 2nd photo shows some of the results of that work!