Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Tuesday - Into the New Year

A nice start to the new year, with ten of us in and as expected most of the concentration on TSO 4614.

With more track work taking place up at Toddington over the Winter shutdown period, both of the main rakes have been brought down to Winchcombe. Keith and Alex look on as some clever tactics with the shunting ensures that the Class 37 can get back to Toddington while leaving both rakes in the station.

In the Barn John was back taking measurements and recording the riding levels on the bogies for BG 81039. We are steadily building up some good records as each coach is dealt with.

With the possibility that BSK 34929 could be shunted out at any time, it is essential that the cleaned and painted window sliders are put back in. As such the slider recesses have been cleaned up and Cheryl adds undercoat to each on the Cotswold side of the coach. These will subsequently be top coated.

On to TSO 4614 with Keith applying the second coat of varnish to one side of the south end compartment door.

With trestle space short in the Paintshop, and various door panels and internal framing requiring just one more coat of varnish, Keith did the job in the Door area of the Woodwork shop. All these will now be ready for fitting by our Door Team.


Meanwhile the door fittings for the compartment slider were cleaned up with soft wire wool. The clean and dirty pair of slider connections provide quite a contrast!


John Hughes was busy at the north end corridor connection, initially completing the dark grey undercoating.


This was followed by matt black on the corridor rubber bellows and then gloss black on the remainder of the coach end.

A lot of attention was given to the outstanding door frames and edges on 4614 which had yet to be filled, sanded and primed. Adrian, Alex and Richard spent most of the day on these around various parts of the coach to enable this aspect to catch up with the rest of the painting so far done.



Happily working in the quiet of the Upholstery shop, Vivien begins stripping down another seat back.

A sample of each of our old light fittings from the Workshop and Barn, all beautifully cleaned up, which we are hoping to sell.


Meanwhile, will it ever stop raining?!


Report by Dave Clark

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