Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Tuesday - More completed

Just 9 in on a very profitable day with some more milestones passed.

However, we hadn't been going very long before Eddie's latest wood delivery arrived, and with the new roadway going in we had to use the emergency exit at the end of the Woodwork shop as the entry point. Those little trolleys have been a godsend for moving panelling, doors, sheet metal - anything large and flat.


Mentioning the roadway, the progress by midday.


Back to our work on TSO 4614 with Cheryl and Richard doing the black of the upper and lower lines on the Malvern side.


With lining out completed (bar two missing doors), it was out with the little brushes and round to the Cotswold side of the coach to do the bits of tidying up.


In the Workshop it was a luggage rack cleaning factory with four of the Tuesday gang hard at work.

From the large to the small. Keith was cleaning up the nuts used for securing the luggage racks. Many were rusty, but once in place in the coach they will be coated in silver Hammerite to blend in with the alloy racks.
Racks cleaned and in the process of being reinstated.
Job done with the interior of 4614 looking just that bit more complete. Seats next hopefully to really bring it all together.
- It's frustrating to find that a very useful van for storage has problems, but our Fruit C van in Platform 1 Bay has for some time shown signs that some of the external plank work is in need of replacement. lose inspection of the door bottoms is a good indication.
A look inside the van reveals the reported leakage problems with quite a bit of the roof planking wet and even going mouldy. Damp patches are also visible on the floor and the walls. All somewhat annoying because we thought we had sorted out the roof leakage a few years ago. We may end up bringing the van back into the Works.
Vivien from our Upholstery team was helping out with seat repairs in Platform 2 waiting room.
And it's raining again!
Maurice takes over vacuuming the Paintshop floor. It's amazing just how quick the floors become dusty even when there isn't any sanding going on.
Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

So, when 4614 re-enters service, what category will you give it as it isn't a BSK any longer?
The Fruit C is a lovely vehicle that would look very nice on the end of a passenger train as it's XP rated on a special weekend.
And finally. Are C&W now taking bookings to refurbish station fittings!!?
Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

4614 was and will remain a TSO its lost the toilets that all.
The BSK 34929 might be more interesting as while it remains a brake one end will be open the other compartment. So a BOSK?

We do a lot of 'odd jobs' for other departments of the railway. Having the facilities we have its only right we help out where we can.
So Broadway's seats and the latest request for some notice boards, bombs for the war week end, lamp brackets for Winchcombe seat for the both loco departments etc. you don't have to go far in the blog to find us doing something for another department!

Phil said...

Re 34929, How about SOBS "Semi-Open Brake Second" (like Mr Bulleid's SOBTs built for the Southern Railway)