Saturday, 27 January 2018

Thursday - Sunshine at last

Well we did have some sunshine and very nice it was too, but it was back to torrential rain by late afternoon. However another good number in, and a number of outdoor jobs could be done in the dry spell.

A walk up to the station found Dennis (and Paul Wood) busy with some exterior cleaning on our main rake.

Over the bridge to Platform 2 to find Malcolm adding some paint to the roof of one of our second rake coaches, where flaking had occurred. A big "Thank You" to him for thoughtfully positioning a sheet over the side of the coach because that High Build roof paint is a shocker for drips.

Yes, the sun really did shine. The view from the footbridge with the pretty station, the new Tim Michell Building, our Works in the distance, and the Cotswold escarpment. Paul (bottom right of the photo) looks on.

Tony and Pat were back repairing toilet window frames in the main rake. The Indoor Gang are doing a really great job with all these repairs, and greatly assisting our Maintenance Team with the huge number of over-winter jobs that need to be done to look after our rakes.

A look inside the RBr for Richard Bates to show me the first of the new extraction fan sleeves and fan in place in the kitchen.


Back in the Paintshop Richard Hoy was back on the tidying-up on TSO 4614. It's amazing was this extra effort achieves and is very well worthwhile as we want our coaches to look as good as possible.
On the Cotswold side Jeff was working on the latest door to be reinstated; basically this a catch-up job for the Painting Team. With some filler added where required and carefully sanded down, he applies the Madder undercoat.


At the north end Steve works on the corridor end door to ensure that it closes properly.


Later on he put in the first of the drinks shelves in the new wheelchair area. The inside of 4614 gets better by the day.

Next the LMS van and the first of the doors made by the Woodwork team that Peter mentioned in Wednesday's report. (so that what it was for)


In the Workshop Rob and Bryan were attacking the south end doorways on BSK 34929, removing more unwanted bits. It looks a right mess now, but think what it will look like once the new metal panelling and a window on each side are in place.

On the quieter side of restoration, Paul Ellis cleans up another bit from the china clay wagon.


More of the new planking freshly undercoated and two primed metal bars.


In the Barn Rex and Ken Austin were back working on the south end of TSO 4986. More old and corroded metal was carefully being removed. The new section of base plate sits waiting to be welded in when the rebuild can begin for that side. The red oxide highlights the previous day's rebuild.


Moving across to BCK 21092 with more cleaning up on the Cotswold side. Gerry sands the bared metal panelling after the grinder has removed all the old badly cracked paintwork.


At the north end Ainsley was still involved with the removal phase, but we are just about there with what needs to be taken off.


On the Malvern side Dave Hancox, who owns the coach, is cleaning up with a pad sander. Thankfully the line, although thickly painted, can easily be sanded out.

With almost everyone now gone, Ainsley does the final job of the day and primes the area being worked on by Gerry earlier on.


Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Yes, 4614 does get better and better.
So I was right with my comment last time on what the woodwork was for. Yes, one of the doors for the LMS brake van!
Well done to all of you on the finish that you achieve on the top coat paintwork on all the stock that emerges from the carriage & wagon works. It really is 'Top hole'!
Regards, Paul.