Friday, 12 January 2018

thursday - the old and the new

Starting today with our latest arrival, BCK 21092. A little more to do on this than we hoped, with a lot of the Cotswold side paintwork in a bad way.

Richard Budd and Richard Bates from our Maintenance team putting in a charging cable and system bringing the carriage inline with our other carriages.

On the Cotswold side Phil was reinstalling the wiring circuit to the battery box. There is some work to do on the brakes and they will all need testing and checking along with the ride height. After that 21092 will follow TSO 4614 in the Paintshop and go into Chocolate & Cream. We need to get this coach into our 3rd rake as soon as we can.


On to the other recent arrival, SK 24006, with one of the new owners Rob Wells cleaning up some of the rust on the Malvern side. Much of this work is a holding action to protect the bodywork from further corrosion until the coach can be brought in for restoration. The warning is to prevent the somewhat loose door being opened - kept shut it is secure.

Back to the Barn to find Ken Reeves setting up one of the gibbet hoists prior to removing the heavy corridor connection from the south end of TSO 4986.


With the connection removed Rob Cory began taking off the rotten wooden supports. The extent of corrosion can clearly be seen and indicates a fair bit for the metalworking team to tackle.


Into the Workshop where Nick is cutting out more rust ready for new plating to be welded in on the south end of BSK 34929.

Further along on the Cotswold side Bryan is rivetting in one of the window frames.

Ken Austen continues rebuilding the corridor end U section for BSK 34929.

The new sleeves for the ceiling fans in RBr 1672 that Richard Bates had designed and had made - the prototype with fan fitted and one of the modified production batch.

Derek continues preparing the foot boarding for the LMS guards van.

Later with the boarding being fitted, complete with the back section

Bob Keyte undercoated the veranda ceilings.
The morning tea break and just what do you choose from all this. Pat's bread pudding was my particular choice and very nice it was too!
Enjoying a nice warm hideaway for lunch in one of the compartment coaches were three of our Indoor Gang - Tony, Pat and Alan.
The Winter shutdown period is so important for us as this is often the only chance we get to do some of the repairs that our regular Maintenance Gang are unable to tackle during the running season, either because of lack of time as the job is too big, or having the right facilities available. A section of badly corroded internal window frame in SK 24949 has been removed by Alan, while Tony offers up a replacement section of frame in one of our open coaches.
24949 being vacuumed throughout by Paul.

With the second top coat on the Cotswold side of TSO 4614 completed, it was time to carefully remove the tape, both for the line positions and marking the limit of the maroon paint at both ends of the coach. The black gloss at each end was subsequently painted up to the maroon border. Lining out on this side will start on Saturday
On the Malvern side of the coach Cheryl and Richard Hoy painted the windows and much of the upper panelling with the second top coat.
A well as Alex, Jeff also loves the more intricate painting, here happily doing all the blacking up of the handles, door stops and droplight top bars.
Report by Dave Clark


Alex said...

I forgot that was even a job! Ah well, lining out tomorrow before I disappear again. :)

On a side note was that some sort of record as to number of carriages worked on simultaneously? I make it 6; all 4 in the works, 24006 and 24949, plus the guards van.

St Blazey 1925 said...

If it isn't a record, it should be Alex! I think it's amazing how many carriages you manage to refurbish in a year. Anyone keeping records? (Don't forget goods vehicles). Regards, Paul.

Toddingtonted said...

Thanks for the update; you've certainly got a lot of work but this is, I guess, to be expected as the whole GWSR gears up for a significant change in its operations when Broadway comes on line. I presume the flaking paint on the BCK is due to rust underneath and/or sunshine. I commend the 2 volunteers who have purchased SK24006 as it's not an easy job by the look of it but the age of this coach is its selling point and I for one will make the effort to travel in it once it's running.

Alex said...

This blog is the records Paul!

surfsuprich said...

Thanks for the updates, It's always great to see the amount of effort and work the team does to bring a coach up to the excellent standards of the GWSR. Out of curiosity, will the Current Work Schedule / Rolling Stock pages be updated to reflect the comings and goings of each coach on the railway?
Good luck with SK24006, it doesn't look like it'll be an easy task but it will be worth the wait.
Thanks, Rich.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Yes as soon as I get a chance I have 3 committee meetings this week alone, not all Railway.