Friday, 5 January 2018

Thursday - Back to big numbers

A total of 27 attended yesterday and as such we were literally scattered all over the site.

Starting with Rex cleaning up more of the south corridor end of BSK 34929.

Moving over to Ken Austin using the heavy press on a section of sheet metal in preparation for repairing the U section of a corridor connection for the north end of 34929.

Moving behind the coach to locate the solitary sander which turned out to be Peter on the Malvern side of the coach.

Pat and Alan, two of the Indoor Gang, were busy with more internal fittings for 34929.

While we do work hard, we love a bit of fun. With Tony grinning from ear to ear, Paul pretends to admonish him for not working fast enough!

Phil was back to cleaning and servicing more carriage electrical connectors.

It's 11-o-clock, so first tea break of the day. Jeff looks at the large amount assorted goodies. Who said we diet in C&W?

Outside for a breath of fresh air, and with that strong wind, it was fresh too! Dave and Rob were again working inside their new acquisition SK 24006.


John Hamer watches as Phil shunts BG 81039 into the Barn. A short run up the yard and back allows the coach to settle after all of the bogie work of the past week or so. John can then assess whether any further adjustments need to be made. Later SK 25743 from the 3rd Rake as brought into the Barn.


Back to the LMS guards van to find Derek securing more of the existing windows with new framing. The new glass to fill the gaps has yet to arrive (I got that wrong in a previous report).


Bob was inside the cabin undercoating the ceiling and later on the walls, in white and cream respectively.

Paul Ellis was on his own today working on the china clay wagon. The central support for the canvas receives white undercoat.


Cheryl gave the south end compartment door of TSO 4614 what may be the final coat of varnish. If so the fittings can go back on and the door will be available for Steve to remount. The new handrails for Broadway and edge strip for 4614 in the foreground were also given another coating.


Jim worked on the new sliding doors for 4614, making some slight adjustments to the beading before giving both sides of each another coat of varnish.


We are still catching up with remaining unpainted parts of 4614. Richard, having completed further filling and sanding on the Malvern side double doors, uses Rod Wells' wonderful lining-out tool to mark the line positions.


Alex undercoats the Malvern side central door in Madder, while at the far end Phil Jones is gap filling on the door frame and door edges in preparation for painting.

Malcolm went round blacking the sole bar where he could.

With the main rakes now in the station, Paul Wood and Dennis went through identifying the items that needed some attention. The following two photos taken by Paul show repair work being done in the Chocolate and Cream rake by Pat on an internal window frame

and Alan on a table support. There is a lot to sort out in our all too short closed season.


Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Many, many jobs done in less than ideal temperatures. Nice to see the varnished 'bits' coming along. Also more undercoat going on 4614. The BG must be almost complete now except for the transfers. Well done to you all. Regards, Paul.