Monday, 8 January 2018

Saturday - keep busy

Keep busy and keepthe cold out was the maxim of the day.

BSK 34929
The main focus on this carriage at the moment is the 2 ends. So Kern was preparing the woods to go back on the north end

while James was progressing the repairs to the south end steelwork.
and Eddie made a set of the top woods ready for when the steel work is done.

The China Clay Wagon was getting some more paint from Richard Stone. we are very much into the building back up of the wagon now.

There was also a coat of red oxide for some more sections of the framework.

Another 'preparation' job was Phil making up electrical connections for the carriages. they are not fpr a specific carriage but its always useful to have some made up ready.


 in the barn 25743 got a final bogie brake alignment check from John Hamer, Ian and Andy.

while John Squires was painting up the vacuum pump frame.

 The LMS brake van was progressing with

while Derek was measuring up and starting to fit the running boards.

Steve was using his 'helping hand props' to hold the ceiling in position while he se about securing them in place.

John Osborn was making the brackets for the special 'coffee cup' shelf we fit in the disabled area

Dave assisted Penny and myself get the correct set of seats backs to fit into the section of the carriage.

With those duly fitted its over to Paul to wash and seal the floor before the seat bases go in.

One of the fiddle jobs finding the right set of set cappers to fit. There is nothing standard about these they all seem to vary just a little in length! Penny with a bundle of them test fitting each for the best all round solution.

We now need to move onto the north end of the carriage for more seat fitting.


Tony Kerrison said...

I hope you don't mind me asking, & I do think the volunteers do a fantastic job - but - why is effort being put into the China Clay wagon when there are coaches waiting to be sorted out? It just seems odd to me that, when revenue-earning rolling stock is always required, a non-passenger-carrying vehicle gets precedence. Must be some scheme I know nothing about.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

There are a few points to highlight here. So here goes.

A.-The China Clay Wagon and the whole of the freight train are revenue earning. Photo charters pay well and prefer freight trains. Brake vans rides are also fund raising but do need to be part of a proper freight train to be effective.
B.-It’s not a question of precedence but one of space. We can get a carriage and a wagon in the workshop and in the paintshop. We can’t get 2 carriages in either. So why waste the space?
C.- there are volunteers who prefer to work on wagons. We aren’t going to stop them, after all we are the Carriage AND wagon department.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Once again plenty accomplished by you all. The LMS brake can't be far away from completion now. Also the same with 4614. Well done C&W! Regards, Paul.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Quite agree, it is the Carriage & Waggon Works, if I was able to volunteer there, I would prefer to work on the waggons! The line is all about the GWR, so waggons were used and worked and the standard of workmanship is very good to see, so yes we need the waggons and after all some of them are actually used for work on the line by various departments! Another great report, many thanks, we hope to see the results when the line re-opens for the new season.
Paul & Marion