Monday, 29 January 2018

Saturday - Wrecking Crew 2

Yes its not just film franchises that have sequels. Today another wrecking crew gathered to continue the deconstruction of the BSK baggage area and this time to also sort out what was for storage or disposal.

Is the door worth saving? where do we put it? More to the point have we got the energy to move it? Maybe after tea. The luggage rack can go with the others already in store.

By the end of the day the crew of Andy Thompson. Ian Kevin James and Phil had not only removed the rest of the panelling the lighting and wiring had been sorted and the ceiling removed and we had located various components we will need from storage for the rebuild.

The next episode should see the windows removed!

Also in deconstruct mode was Andy Turner under ken's guidance removing the rest of the timbers from the end of the green TSO in the barn.

However, it wasn't all demolition today. Tony was in helping out with some varnishing

It may be the only was to see son Alex 'home' for the week-end working on the door foot of each door round the carriage. Before finishing the day with varnishing  the last large door panel needed. Earlier Eddie had rounded the panel edges and Steve had punch and filled the panel pin heads.

Richard having stopped off in Toddington to drop Christine off for the RCS lunch and AGM came on to C&W to apply the transfers to 4614 before returning the RCS meeting. So much for being Chairman, easy life..... not!

Also on the rebuild path is the China Clay Wagon with Richard and Paul Ellis reconstructing the south end.

and doing some more painting. More brackets ready for painting all lined up

The birthday boy, Bob Happy birthday, was painting the interior of the LMS brake van

while Clive was sealing and priming the running boards.

In the upholstery shop the team were making some minor adjustments to the seat side panels for 4614. They were all made to the same pattern, unfortunately the seats and window frame aren't quite all the same.

Job done they ware soon all fitted

and Penny started on fitting the seatbacks in the north end. It can be quite a jigsaw puzzle to find the right combination and the top mount brackets are not all the same and have to inter link on back to back seats. plus the seat backs are actually handed left and right. One side being slightly curbed to match the curve of the carriage side. Get the seat on the wrong side and won't 'sit' level,
like this one doh.

while this was all going on Paul W was cleaning the south end floors ready for sealing,

and Steve completed the fitting of the coffee cup ledge in the disabled area.

In the barn John H. started on the hole filling now the big paint removal has been completed on the Cotswold side.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Quite a lot of progress today! 4614 must be very close to leaving the works and joining its rake.
The china clay wagon is getting back together. (I have an interest in this as I am in Cornwall).
Also, the new carriage is coming along well.
So a hearty WELL DONE to you all.
Regards, Paul.

Alistair Kewish said...

Well done, team! So much work done by a group of people Derby C&W would be proud of, or maybe Swindon?

Wish I could come along and help but I am a bit too far away.