Monday, 15 January 2018

Saturday - a look round the edges

Its very easy to get predictable on the blog so here I takle a closer look at the things happening around the edges of our main activities. Clive said to me 'Not another picture of me painting (the LMS brake Van)'. So there is no picture but he was applying another coat of paint to the veranda.

John Hill was on his own in the upholstery shop today so he took time out from doing carriage seats, a bit heavy to shift round on your own while trying to sew it at the same time, and settled to do the seats for one of the Diesels. The first job as ever is to remove the old cover. A job that often results in a margarine tub of old staples.

Then it was make and fit the new cover.

Pam was lining up the metal plate that will become a lock plate for a carriage. This was one of several she was making. Having drilled the basic slot it was down to the hand file to square off the slots!

Part of a recent delivery was this old steel work bench. Ian gave it a thorough clean up and paint first with the red oxide and later coat of grey

The bench is destined to replace this small worktable that isn't quite stable enough when we start some of the heavier pipe work. Ian and John Squires were finishing off the mobile vacuum pump for brake testing.

John stands by as it is giving a test run on the China Clay Wagon. Not only did it work well we also proved the vacuum cylinder on the wagon works well.

As we are on the wagon during the week Nick sorted out the corner steel work for the wagon. It was anything but right-angled. Now all squared up Richard started on the painting.

Then there is the timber supplied by Eddie to paint and fit.

Paul on the other hand was still dismantling some of the rotten planking.

John Osborn and James were busy investigating their latest acquisition a new TIG welder.

while Dennis was fitting the new water boiler in the RBr for the RCS team (Railway Catering Services formally known as On Train catering)

Paul was carrying on with a mammoth clean of the running rakes. He has made it as far as 'Mary' in the main rake so far. 

Of course there was working continuing on the carriages as well. Ainsley working on the gutter of the BSK

Alex was having a last bash at the lining out on 4614 before returning to Uni.

and Steve was fitting the sliding door to the south end entrance vestibule of 4614 while Mike was making good progress with the panelling for door 5 of the carriage.

Bob and I were out in the barn investigating the cracked paintwork on the recently arrived BCK. The cracking is such that I think the paint will all have to come off as there is evidence of rust starting to take hold behind the cracks. If we don't treat it know it won't be long before the cracking and peeling starts all over again but through our nice new paintwork. We don't want that. The issue is what's the best way to remove about a dozen or more layers of paint and how long will it take?

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Me?, I don't mind pictures of person(s) painting the LMS brake. But I know what you mean.
Alas, poor Alex is off back to University again. His paintwork is really first class and he will be missed - Again! Until he returns again in the next holiday break.
The work bench is a boon. Never turn down a gift like that!
The good work continues.
How was it put those many years ago? Oh yes. "Tune in next time. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.
Regards, Paul.