Monday, 31 December 2018

Saturday - Back to it

Back to C&W after the Christmas break and 2 new pairs of overalls have appeared so far. Just remember how smart they looked it won't last long!

With progress on 21092 reaching the floor laying stage it was time to remove the rest of the old flooring and clean up ready for Bob Webb to visit.

Having removed the old carpet we did decide to remove another section floor and replace it. It was only the outer couple of inches that were in poor condition but its better to replace a larger section to ensure good support under the join.

Kevin was helping with the tidy up and checking luggage rack mounts.

Ken replaced the 2 know cracked quarter lights in one of the first class compartments.

John Osborn welded the pipe brackets in place on 4986 these were later tidied up and painted by Dave.


I completed the refitting of the capping strip on door 6 of 4986 which then allowed Alex to fill and  sand it. He then painted the entire lower brown panel on this section of the carriage.

Richard Stone and Paul worked on more of the roof arch timbers from the LNER van.

John Osborn returned to making the hooks for the coupling storage rack.

while Ainsley was starting of preparations for next years war week end.

Thursday - Back to work

With Christmas over it was the first day back with just 8 of us in.

First arrival was Richard Bates, who had come in literally just to put some new batteries in CK 16195 in the Maroon Rake as we had received reports of very dull lights. Richard is preparing some new battery leads.

In the south vestibule of BCK 21092 Phil Jones continues the job of replacing the worn door seals. All the doorways in both this coach and TSO 4986 will need new rubber seals, and with a rapidly diminishing amount available we must get another order off to our supplier as soon as we can.

Ken drills holes in the south end of 21092 in preparation for fitting the missing tank filler pipe.

Ainsley caught up on a number of minor paint jobs left to do on 21092. Somehow the inner edge of the back of the guards door had been missed and was still in the old grey paint.

Although the face of the door at the south end of TSO 4986 had been cleaned and greyed up, the frame and edges needed more sanding down.


In the background Richard Hoy completes the work on this door before applying a base coat, except on the part of the frame still requiring the fitting of the capping strip. In the foreground Ainsley does some more paint snagging.


Kevin was back cling-filming more seats ready for storage.

Steve was also in producing another LED lighting strip.

Seeing Messieurs Wood and Salter sitting in "Mary" as the first train of the day went by was not the best incentive for the rest of us to work. As such four of us joined the train on its next Cheltenham run. No surprise that there were other members of C&W on the train also enjoying a day out. On the run back through Winchcombe we spotted Paul and Phil on the platform, no doubt expecting to see us in the Works! (so not a lot of work then)

Leaving Cheltenham, we were buzzed by a hang glider, who enjoyed a number of crossings over the train.

Report by Dave Clark

Saturday - Turkey anyone

I hope you had a happy one.
With Christmas fast approaching there were a lot of people avoiding the shopping trips with the mess room overflowing again today
John Hill was making the most of a last chance to practice carving the turkey, sorry, seat base foam.

With the edge neatly done it was over to Jenny and the big needle to sew the pad into its final position

Penny worked on recovering side panels

while Dave was making up the arm rest profile in foam. so gluing and sticking!

Having just completed the rolling replacement of seats in 4798 the left over seats were wrapped ready for storage until needed again. I bet Kevin's parcels are well wrapped in the tree!


Alex was busy painting  doorways as they became available following door liner work.

I moved on to  deal with another one.

Steve was progressing the trimming in the north end vestibule

The foot boards were given their first coat of black

and Andy painted up one of the retorted lamps.


James started on fabricating the pipe run for the missing water tank fillers on the Malvern side of 21092.

while Ken was busy fitting the rain cover over the gangway connection.

Richard Stone was starting the restoration of the roof timber from the LNER van.

Now if you want to do a steam test its best you have a hood source of steam available in case of any major leaks. Yep P&O should do! We took the opportunity while it was running round the Santa Special and yes as can be seen there was a large leak.

Dave got to do his usual rubbish jobs.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Thursday - New arrivals

It was quite a day with the highlight obviously being the arrival of our new coaches on a 10-year loan from the NYMR. With the Christmas and New Year period fast approaching, attendance was down for a Thursday. However a very sure sign of the festive season was our Mess Room worktop which was covered with all sorts of yummy edibles.  After all the hard work, why not enjoy it? The diet starts next year!

Beginning with the Paintshop and TSO 4986 where a number of small jobs were in progress. Ainsley begins painting the underneath of the tops of window slider openings on the Cotswold side of the coach. Somehow these had been left.


Richard Hoy was doing the same on the Malvern side, or so I thought. In fact he was in conversation with Richard Budd, as they both stated, "watching the paint dry!".

The latter's partner in electrics, Richard Bates, was fitting new batteries to 4986 and busy painting on the serial numbers. This system enables them to record and keep track of all the batteries fitted throughout our three rakes of coaches.

Returning later to the opposite side to find Richard Budd doing the same.


Bob Keyte was back to ceiling painting in the north end vestibule. I think this was the final coating.

Alex working on the Malvern side north corner and door, filling where required.


The end of the day result, all in undercoat Light Grey. We need to get the demarcation tape up!


Back to Bob K undercoating the tank filler pipes at the south end. He had previously black glossed the filler pipes in the foreground which belong to BSK 34929 in the Barn.

With the north end corridor connection work done by Ken now finished, Jeff completed the paintwork.

Into the Workshop and BCK 21092 with Bryan adding more of the floor levelling compound in the corridor.

This time NOBODY is going in! (apparently some did last time and left large footprints in the still wet levelling compound)

Back to the north end paint repairs which were almost completed by Jeff and Alex - just a bit of the lining out to redo when the cream and brown are dry.

All things electric with Richards Bates and Budd (fondly known as Richard I and Richard II), our Maintenance Team electricians.

We are in the final days of this year's Santa Specials and so we dash out to see what's in steam and find that "P & O" is beginning another of its running sessions.

Are those really Santa's trousers on your head Bob?! Bob Slater, one of Santa's elves for the day, takes a break from C&W.


Back inside the Workshop Derrick uses the new pillar drill to bore the holes in a new length of bracing bar for the GWR platform trolley.

Bracing bars - one old, one new.

The two carmine-and-cream SKs on loan from the NYMR were brought down by Neil Carr behind the Class 73 in the early afternoon and then parked by the O3 for this picture. 24804 and 25488 are with us for 10 years The prime reason for getting them is provide us with some spare capacity. We have had no spare operational carriage for several years meaning any issue with a carriage and we are running one short! No more. They will both need a little remedial work but nothing serious.

After an internal inspection of both coaches, with the late afternoon turning into evening, John Hamer and I trudged back towards the Works. In the distance the station with the final Santa Special for the day looked very festive.

Report by Dave Clark