Thursday, 7 December 2017

Wednesday - working, still

Well the lighting may be being updated but it hasn't stopped much of the work today and we still had 23 signed in.

One of the early jobs was for Jenny and John to complete the seat numbering in the first section of 4614.


That done they returned to their own workshop and resumed work on the next set of seats. With the seat propped up like this its BIG needle time Jenny is on the other side pushing the needle through!

Dave kept well out of the way stripping another seat frame ready for re-upholstering. Penny was away showing off her great art works at an exhibition..

Another early job was to move the new GUV out of the barn. Yes it needs a quick coat of paint but we can't see a space in the schedule to do it before about April. Its getting hidden round the back.

With the space cleared in the barn 2 thing could happen. At the outer end John Hamer and Phil shunted in a bogie with a stuck axlebox. They and Ken managed to remove it and clean up the bogie frame for a guide to be welded in by Nick.

However, it was obvious the main problem was the axlebox itself. So with some assistance from a passing P'Way tele handler a replacement wheel set with a descent axlebox was retrieved from the stock and installed.

The other job was to level the floor in the barn. Its a trip hazard we have lived with for a long time. However, with the workshop out of us there was little need for the access to the barn. The uneven area being right by the doorway between workshop and barn.

Now people say we create a lot of dust at times. Let building Services loose and see what happens! Fortunately we have 2 other access doors to the barn. One either side with them open and a favourably strong breeze The cloud cleared very quickly.

They soon had the old floor cut and pickaxed out and the mixer running.

By the end of the day the first section was completed and they are returning to complete the work for us on Saturday.

Amid the clouds Nick and rex managed to complete the welding of the whole base plate and the 2 remaining crash pillar sections. here Rex is just going round with the red-oxide to complete the job.


We did manage some bench work in the workshop carefully keeping well out of the way of electricians. Bryan shaping up a capping strip for door 3 of 4614. He later got that all fitted.

Graham Took on thr painting in the LMB Brake van doing both verandas

and completing the Malvern side.

Tony removed the masking tape from the window slide of the BSK. He also cleaned up all the edges ready for re-installation.We still need to sand and paint the opening before they can go back in.

alongside him Ainsley was working on notice boards for the war week-end.

4614 is now in the paintshop but it makes no difference to Des cutting back some of the panelling for a final cat of varnish.

It does make life a little easier for the door team. its not so far from the workshop to the carriage. Here Craig is setting the angle for lock plate of door 3.

Mike and Paul are progressing with the panelling for doors 5 and 2.

with just the one door liner lock and capping strip still to go on the carriage its very much over to the painting team now. they were very busy greying up various sections today. That will no doubt reveal some more filling and sanding to be done before the tape goes for painting to start in earnest.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Having just read the blog from B&S, I can understand the cloud of dust (smoke signals?).
Looking at the latest picture of the GUV it looks like all its windows are complete (not broken by vandals). I must say that I like the 'PARCELS EXPRESS' in yellow on the side. Maybe this can be put onto it again when it does get a paint allocation. Quite honestly, until now I have never liked the GUV design, preferring the pre nationalisation varieties instead. Now I am a convert and find the vehicle quite pleasing to look at. Regards, Paul.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Despite the cold and work being done by the building department you still manage to do exceedingly good work! Another interesting blog of the unsung hero's of the line.
Paul & Marion

Ian C said...

I too never thought the GUV was a very attractive design, but seeing the photo of 86828 from almost 12 years ago on the Vintage Carriages Trust site has started to convince me otherwise