Thursday, 21 December 2017

Wednesday - an unexpected light show

with 19 volunteers in again today the jobs undertaken were wide. We are still in the realms of space juggling to keep out of the way of the electricians fitting the new lighting and some extra power points.

However, they light already fitted are showing great benefits already especially in the barn which was always gloomy. No longer. The central row of new light fittings can be seen here. Fortunately we could clear the jack area sufficiently to bring 25743 in and raise it up with out interfering with the electricians.

The carriage was in following another visit from a very large steam generator to test the steam heat system on the carriage. A couple of leaks were identified. Thus the carriage was moved into the barn for them to be fixed. John, Gerry and Ken soon had the offending pipes removed.

The fix required some (not) new pipework. The pipe needed some straightening and re-bending.

If you are not familiar with the heating pipework of a Mk1, it is basically some small bore pipe work that was 'fitted' (very) roughly under the carriage round and through some of the frame work and stuck through a hole in the floor to connect up to a heating pipe or radiator. There was nothing stylish or pretty about they way it was done when the carriages were built! Hence the pipes when removed can have the appearance of a section twisted willow branch.

Still when Ken applies a little heat to aid the adjustments to the pipe work we do get a very pretty light show.

Also looking good is the Malvern side of 4614 in the paintshop after some final adjustments to the last door liner and a coat of 'madder' undercoat.

Mike having completed the manufacture of the panelling for door 2 we were able to rehang the door. The panels having gone of for varnishing.  The last section of capping strip will be fitted on Thursday.


Paul was very near completing the panelling for door 5 so another door nearly ready to go back on.


Still with doors, Colin is working on making the pair of sliding doors for the saloon entrance on the carriage.

The pair of doors together.

Geoff has shortened two tables and fitted the adjusted edging strip to the first of them These will be the removable tables for the wheelchair section of the carriage.


Des and Trevor were progressing the varnishing to the final coat on several sections of woodwork including this sliding door that will fit at the corridor connection entrance to the new vestibule area of the carriage.

While the BSK was still in the workshop Nick and Rex made great progress with the south end of carriage.
Later in the day the carriage was moved back into the barn for more electrical work in the main workshop. That allowed us to move a gantry into the workshop to assist Richard and Paul with the tricky replacement of one of the main planks on th China Clay wagon.
Not pictured was Eddie cutting out the hardwood blanks for the Broadway ticket office barrier. They have  a lot of shaping still to be done. However, I suspect when I next see them they will be looking fantastic!


Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Another interesting report of your workload, well done to you all. The new lighting seems to be very effective! The light show given by your "performers" is interesting! As we will not have internet access over Christmas we would like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and thank you all for your hard work in making our visits to the line so enjoyable. Enjoy your holiday break.
Paul & Marion

St Blazey 1925 said...

Yes. The new lighting does look SO much better. 4614 gets closer to conclusion and Santa is grooming the reindeer to look their best for the 25th when pulling the sleigh!
And so all it is for me to do now is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the break, regards, Paul.