Friday, 15 December 2017

Wednesday - Round pegs in square holes

The title of today blog doesn't refer to these two likely lads! Geoff and Colin were presented with the their certificates for training on the wood work machines

Colin was soon back at work on the double saloon doors for 4614 while Geoff went of to fit and fasten the last door liner.

Mike was hard at it making another panel for the lining of door 2 from 4614.

Now here is the round peg and the 2 square holes. Rod was fitting the locking bar bracket on one of the double doors. The bolt being a coach bolt has a square locking position hidden under the round head.

With the other capping strips having been fitted recently Trevor was giving them a coat pf grey undercoat.

The other bulk job still to be done on 4614 is the tables. Ed is well under way putting new top surfaces on the tables so today Bryan and Gerry set about cleaning up the metal edging strips. Its a lot of elbow grease and wire wool. but they completed the entire set well done.

Not so much square pegs in round holes for Ken but the fiddle of correcting the assemble of the steam pipe values. Hidden way inside is a small toggle bar which is difficult to position and easily drops out of position while you assemble it.

With 4614 moving into the paint shop and the electrical installers moving onto to the barn. The BSK has temporarily come into the workshop. So it was a good opportunity to crack on with the south end crash pillar and sole bar repairs. on the far side Rex was preparing sections while on the near side Nick followed on welding the sections into position.

We then had an interruption from S&T in urgent need for some adjustment to a length of signal rodding and a point rod. Nick soon had them done so the work at Broadway can continue!

David took up the undercoating of the LMS brake van today.

while John Varley made some adjustments to the feet of the tall welding screens We found the old design caused some issues when we were moving and storing the screens.

Out were it was cold the electrical contractors started installing the channel for the new light fittings.

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