Thursday, 7 December 2017

Tuesday - Limited working

With our new lighting being put up in the Workshop, nearly all the work was in the Paintshop.

 The exception was a little bit of painting on the internal edge of the Guards door on BG 81039 which was missed. Adrian soon had this sorted out.

Maurice got going with priming some new planking for the China Clay wagon.

Keith corrected the painting of the brackets for the corridor doors - they were accidentally painted black last week (my fault!).

Bob and Pete Webb, our regular lino (marmoleum) layers, were back in to do the south and north vestibules, and the new wheelchair area, in TSO 4614. As with the first fitting of the re-upholstered
seating, the new lino also helps to bring it all together.

More filler was added at both ends of TSO 4614 by Richard and John - we're almost ready for a basic greying up here.

Maurice discovered a hole under the gutter, plus some ragged bits, that were soon cured with some oxide and fibre filler.

The sides of some of the capping strips also needed more filler which Keith applied and then sanded down.

While Richard cleaned up and applied red oxide to the corridor connection back plate, Adrian created another pile of rags for us to use. Being the Paintshop, we get through a lot of this over time and are forever grateful for whatever our volunteers bring in. The sheets, blankets, and old curtains that come in are excellent for covering coach seats and the floor when we are doing any internal painting and varnishing.


Our latest acquisition is a graffiti covered MK1 GUV 86828. Why have we bought this? There are two excellent BR2 bogies, plus a lot of other very useful stuff that can be used, and these vehicles make excellent storage.

There was a school Santa Special today using the DMU. After the children had gone, a number of us took the opportunity to have a look at the inside of the new Tim Mitchell building on Platform 1. Our Winchcombe Christmas Group really have done us proud! In the background are one of the little Moose and the Reindeer made by our Woodwork Dept.

The sleigh has been a major hit with the children who love to sit in it to have their photos taken.

Report by Dave Clark


Dave said...

Excellent work on the BG another great addition to the fleet.

Will the GUV get a quick once over, don't want graffiti on the GWSR!

St Blazey 1925 said...

If you nick the bogies from underneath the GUV, I take it that it will become a grounded body, or will the replaced bogies go under it? In which case it could do with a quick repaint (as said above), if only to get rid of that awful graffiti to the exterior (which I prefer to call wanton damage, rather than give it its own name which sort of elevates it to a sordid form of art). BR could do with a lot more CCTV and then these trespassers and vandals can be prosecuted. Paper is cheap enough - let them draw on that! Sorry, even Banksy's work is building damage in my book and nothing to be admired. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

It will be tucked out of sight until we can give it a quick paint, probably not before April. We will swap the bogies with some some old ones so that it can still be moved about as a storage vehicle. The bogies and brakes are in very good order. I haven’t looked inside yet.