Thursday, 21 December 2017

Tuesday - running late

This report is definitely running late having already published Wednesday's. My fault not Dave's!
Just 6 in tuesday, with winter bugs claiming Cheryl, Richard Hoy and Keith. However we still covered some good ground with TSO 4614.

However, first a diversion to Toddington to collect a stray paint delivery. Back at Winchcombe and with the boot of my car emptied, Alex hauls the trolley load of paint to the Works.


John Hamer was in for just the morning and was busy making up a new spare steam valve.

Also in the Workshop Adrian continued the clean-up of the compartment sliding door for TSO 4614 that was started by Alan on Saturday. Paint stripper followed by careful scraping, and equally careful sanding with "120" paper along the grain, soon had this looking good. A bit more work and it will be ready for re-staining and varnishing.


In the Paintshop Maurice was cleaning up the locking bar on the Malvern side double doors. The door was also given a fresh coating of undercoat light grey.
Also on the Malvern side, Alex finished off the filling and sanding on the south end door, before undercoating this in Light Grey.
 After filling along the edge of the adjacent recently attached capping strip, Alex coats the strip with etch primer. All this area was later undercoated.
John Hughes was back at the south corridor end painting on undercoat Dark Grey.
I was back at the north end, completing the sanding and general cleaning up process. This whole corner was then re-undercoated in Light Grey by Alex and myself. The cleaned up corridor connection was also coated in red oxide where required. The final job of the day was to add notices for the Wednesday Gang advising of what could be painted.
I took some time out to have a good look both around and in SK 24006, which arrived from the Chacewater Railway last week.
Looking down the corridor of this 66 year old coach.
One of the compartments with the original lighting still in place. Interesting I did not expect the SK originally built as a TK Third class, to have arm rests in the seats!

Lots of daylight showing through the north end.
A badly corroded window base. Overall plenty to keep our metal workers busy.
So, a big project when restoration time comes around. Having now shown the "before" photos, we look forward to the day when we can display the "after" ones.
Report by Dave Clark

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