Friday, 29 December 2017

Thursday - Working off the Christmas excess

Another bitterly cold start with a lot of hard lumpy ice and snow in the station car park and yard, and sadly the trains had to be cancelled again. However 10 of us made it in on what turned out to be quite a sunny day.

Two views of the yard with the snow crunchy underfoot. In fact the station park and yard were pretty lethal - it was like driving over slippery rocks. Some station staff had trouble getting back out and needed a push. It all turned to slush later on, but by 4 :00pm it was freezing up again - we all decided to leave early.


Braving the cold were Dave Hancox and Robert Wells, eagerly working on their new coach SK 24006. The general aim is to get it in a stable condition, preventing further water ingress and corrosion as far as possible. Robert cleans up the metalwork on this corner prior to coating in oxide, and eventual sealing up. As well as being a station master and signalman, Robert has now also joined C&W.

Inside the coach Dave, with help from Kevin, was clearing out unwanted items.

Derek was fitting the missing glass in the windows of the LMS guards van.


Later he was refitting the hand rails on the Malvern side of the van.

The first job for Alex was putting an initial coat of varnish on one side of the re-stained south end compartment door from TSO 4614.

He then had a field day, varnishing everything on the trestles. As this is probably the second or third coat, all these items should now be ready for fitting.

Steve Barnfield is fitting the top runner for the south end corridor sliding door of 4614.


With the bottom runner attached and the door fitted, Steve carefully tests it.


Back to Alex now working on the Malvern side centre door of 4614, initially filling and sanding, and then adding a coat of undercoat light grey. In the background the ceiling sections and beading strips for the new vestibule have been primed and Alex later undercoated these in white.


A lot more filler was needed on this Malvern side door.


John Hamer, Ken, and Steve Smith were also in, but I was unable to get
any photos.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

Once again, my compliments on getting through the snow ad ice. (Sounds like the motto of the U.S. postal service). Is there any truth to the rumour that you are going to kidnap Alex ad not let him go back after the holidays?, as he not only works well (we knew that), but he works so fast as well! Great works done today by you all. Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Worryingly you're not the first person to suggest kidnap! Sadly the real world calls, else I'd be in every day :( Still, 2 more weeks before I (attempt to) go back :)