Friday, 8 December 2017

Thursday Welcome back!

Another busy day with some limited working in the Workshop while the new lighting is being installed and the old lights being taken down. We had a nice surprise when one of our distant members returned for a day.

One of the jobs undertaken today was clearing out the new GUV, which is now tucked away out of the view of our travelling public - although public trains don't resume running until Boxing day, we still have the DMU passing on school Santa Specials.
While out in the yard, a chance of an atmospheric shot of the refurbished BG from the Malvern side.


At the end of the Barn Ken was cleaning up a number of the metal strips from corridor connections.

Later on he was marking out the positions of the hardwood
connection base plates on the north end of BSK 34929.

With no power in the Workshop, the electricians were connecting up the lights, we needed some lengthy extension leads. Tony and Pat were cleaning up yet more veneer strips from the BSK.


Cleaned, stained and re-varnished parts of internal window framing from the BSK.

Moving into the Paintshop to find Bob undercoating the previously primed sections of ceiling in TSO 4614's new vestibule.

Welcome back Ron! It was great to see Ron Woodruff back with us from his new home in Arundel, Sussex. Ron will be doing two sessions as Santa, so took the opportunity to join us for a day.

Meanwhile the exterior work continued with Martin greying up half of the north end of 4614.


At the south end of the Malvern side Richard found plenty of bits to fill and sand.


There has been a lot of filler applied to the north end of the coach. Phil does some general smoothing to improved these areas even more.


Dave Hancox sands out a rough bit on the new internal door base. The nearby door step was later removed - note the sunken hole in the wood surrounding the bolt. which is always a telltale sign that the wood is rotting and the bolt probably no more than a rusting skeleton of its original self. A few hefty bangs on the underside with a lump hammer soon confirmed this and a new step will be fitted in due course.


John Hamer and Gerry Bonnar went up to Toddington to sort out the north end water leak problem on FO 3132 "Mary". The leak emanated from two redundant outlet stub pipes - a hose between the two has sorted this out. The damaged ceiling was put back, and just needed two new beading strips to complete the temporary repair. Bob quickly undercoated and later top coated the strips ready for our Maintenance team to put up the next day.


Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

The GUV looks in good condition inside but it looks like Santa is a graffiti artist! The BG does indeed look good and will look great when it joins its rake. 4614 gets closer towards its paint job, and very nice it looks too. Regards, Paul.