Friday, 1 December 2017

Thursday - Ooooh, it's cold!

Another large number in on the last day of November, and a very cold one with that biting wind so not so good for those in the Barn and outside.

The quick refurb of BG 81039 was completed today, with just the Guards door to put back on before it is shunted out on Saturday. Richard Hoy tidies up a bit of the lining out.

While Cheryl completes more tidying of the edges of the inner planking.

Jeff whitening the lettering, which a number of us love doing. As this BG was from the old BR Southern Region it has an extra information plate with "Restricted 4" on it. In the background Ainsley is painting the inner edges of the windows where new sealant was put in.

Bryan completed the repair work on the top of the south end corridor connection. Richard finished off the painting and added a line of mastic along the new plate work.

Moving across to the LMS Guards Van, Derek was busy installing the new steps.

Bob got cracking with the brown undercoat.

Transformation! Quite a difference by the end of the day.
Into the Workshop and an extra job for Bob, priming the hardboard sections of the roof in the new vestibule in TSO 4614.
Working on the tool bench was Rex cleaning up one of the newly cut sections of crash pillar for the south end of BSK 34929.

(photo Nick Evetts) The new sections of crash pillar welded in by Nick and the whole area freshly primed in oxide. This is now ready for the new sheet metal.
(photo Nick Evetts) TSO 4968 was once again in the air, with both bogies removed.
 (photo Nick Evetts) Standing in the Barn entrance I noticed that the bogie moving group seemed to be spending some time down the end of the yard. My suspicions were correct - it was a derailment. This sometimes happens when axle boxes are stuck and, without the weight of the coach body (23 tons or more), the bogie runs slightly lopsided. The use of the heavy jacks soon had this sorted out.
Later in the day, Ken Reeves and Gerry were putting back the refurbished vacuum cylinder. Never an easy job with such limited space
At the north end of BSK 32949 Ken Austen was cleaning up another metal patch.
Back into the relative warmth of the Workshop with Pat and Tony working on the luggage racks from the BSK. Later on they were back working on more internal window framing.

As part of creating more useful space at the side of the Works, Rob, Bryan and Dave Hancox were completing the emptying of the old derelict van body (long known as  "Container 3"), and what better means of transporting the remaining heavy coach doors and other bits than with the blue truck. These were relocated to one of the spare BGs.

The emptied van body now ready for demolition.
Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

The BG, (as do all your refurbishments), looks too good to go out into service! Could eat your dinner off the sides, why you would want to though is another question!

As to the weather, I wholeheartedly agree. I was looking for a brass monkey with a welding torch - and I'm in Cornwall, the (supposed) warmest part of the country (also the wettest!).

The LMS brake does look better, (although it going into BR livery).

Container 3! - Would you believe, well you might), that I found 2 van bodies for sale on ebay, and they don't look in as good condition as your container 3. - And one of them is for sale for over £1,000. Looks like it has been used for animal feed! If they just GAVE it away they might get a taker and get rid of it. Money, money, MONEY ! Regards, Paul.

Tim J said...

If the van body isn't a total no-hoper, then perhaps it could be given a gentle patch up and given to a local farmer to put in a field close to the line?

The disused van body in a farmer's field is something that seems to be disappearing at the moment, and it is an aspect of railway heritage in some respects.