Friday, 15 December 2017

Thursday - The new arrival

21 in today, with the Thursday gang back in full swing in the Workshop now the new lighting is installed. And a late arrival for the new arrival.

Pat and Tony were certainly in full swing, with quite a large number of those internal window frames from BSK 34929 sanded, stained and varnished by the end of the day.

Phil was checking the junction box electrics on the coach.

While Ken Austen was continuing his work, welding in new plating and then cleaning up the welds at the north end of the BSK.

At the south end Rex cuts out more corroded sheet metal along the vertical lines of the crash pillars marking the corridor entrance.
John Hamer carefully cuts out some thin metal sheet with the tin snips, before producing a tiny roll which he will use as a temporary fix for the steam leak under SK 25451 in the Maroon rake.
Into the Paintshop and TSO 4614, which is coming on in leaps and bounds. Ken reattached one of the main grab handles at the south end of the coach.
Bryan replaced the last capping strip at the south end Malvern side door entrance.
Also at the south end, while John Hughes cleans up and adds sealant inside the corridor connection, Dave Hancox adds Dark Grey undercoat to the Cotswold side end panel.
Malcolm went round the coach putting on new door steps where needed.
You think it's fine and ready to tape up. Wrong! A closer inspection and the Light Grey base coat is doing its job and revealing yet more places for Richard to fill.
And who is that familiar face standing next to Cheryl? Alex makes a very welcome return from his first term at Sheffield University. The pair did an excellent job with the undercoat Madder on the two main sections of the Cotswold side.

Sometime ago we were donated a number of rolls of belt sandpaper, but unfortunately they lay forgotten under the trestles. Rediscovery led to a quick trial, and yes, it's good hardwearing stuff to add to our normal supply. Dave Hancox produces a nice load of handy-sized pieces. The trestles have been somewhat down-sized to enable TSO 4614 to be rolled down to cater for the extra large size of the LMS Guards van and gives us a bit more room to move.
The stranger in the camp doing the vacuuming was none other than Robert Wells, who was very eager to help out with something and while away the time. Both he and Dave Hancox were anxiously awaiting the arrival of SK 24006 which they have jointly purchased from the Chasewater Railway. It should have appeared about 9.30 but problems with the lorry meant a late afternoon arrival.
I'm not sure what was happening here, but while outside I caught the 03 hauling some of our goods train. We must repaint that shunter next year!
Relief, it's arrived safely! SK 24006 is the oldest BR Mark 1 SK in existence and almost certainly the oldest Mark 1 of any type capable of still running. It was built on 1951, Lot number 30002, Diagram 146, and was the seventh in a huge first batch of 180 coaches built at Derby.
Remarkably all were completed by December 1951. They were originally classed as Third, therefore TK, but reclassified in May 1956, when Third Class was abolished. It was withdrawn from service by BR in 1983 from Bristol and was then the oldest Mark 1 in service on the main line. Whilst the coach will undergo a complete overhaul, it is remarkably complete internally, even including the original style light fittings. It will be given a quick protective paint and then await its turn in the restoration queue (Information provided by Dave Hancox).

Safely unloaded, the coach sits in the Barn awaiting removal to the sidings the next day.


Report by Dave Clark



St Blazey 1925 said...

As you say, 4614 IS coming along in "leaps and bounds" thanks in part to Alex returning. (Welcome back Alex). Your paintwork is always inspiring to us all.
The BSK seems to be becoming an ongoing 'stinker'. This is not a nasty comment on the state of the toilets, but an old railway term for a vehicle (usually goods), which is an overly long time in the sidings, (or C&W workshop). I am not criticising the work done on it, just the huge amount of work that it required!
Well done to all who turn out these items of (now) veteran rolling stock for us all to see and use. Regards, Paul.

Alex said...

Thanks Paul - good to be back!


Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Welcome back Alex, swelling the ranks of the C&W Department, joining in to keep the wheels turning and seats comfortable.
Paul & Marion