Friday, 22 December 2017

Thursdasy - Still hard at it.

Despite the Christmas holiday fast approaching we still had a good number in. Well, we're either mad keen or totally nuts, whatever, we love what we do! (There is a third option bar humbug!)

Starting off in the Barn with newly repainted BG 81039 now up on the jacks, John Hamer and Gerry were checking the brake rigging and general riding height of the coach.

Dave Hancox and Robert Wells were busy both inside and outside the coach. Besides a general sort out and tidy up inside, on the outside both were busy applying heavy duty tape to seal up holes and cracks to prevent further water ingress. Areas of the body sides were also coated in red oxide. It will probably be some time before we can get around to restoring the coach as there are other restorations already in the queue, so good protection is essential.

The LMS van continues to progress. With the safety glass measurements sorted out for the missing cabin windows, Derek moved back onto the foot boarding. The little "drawbridge" section over the axle box is being checked for size.

Ken has been busy setting up the hardwood plates for the north end corridor connection on BSK 34929.

Pat was already "on leave", so it was just Tony on the cleaning up, staining and re-varnishing of more internal window fittings for 34929.


Bryan carefully cleans up another section of capping strip ready for TSO 4614.

The last one goes on the centre door on the Malvern side of the coach. A final check on Saturday and the strip can be filled where needed, primed, and undercoated, which in turn will allow the lining out tape to be completed for this section.


With so many internal parts for 4614 requiring varnishing, another trestle was hastily constructed. Richard Hoy gave each a light sand prior to adding the varnish. For most of the items this was the second coat.

A general view of inside 4614 showing where we are with the south end compartments.


In the enlarged north end vestibule Bob adds top coat to the ceiling.


Richard moved on to the south compartment door to complete the stripping of the old varnish. Now nicely sanded down the door is ready for staining and re-varnishing.

Alex busy taping up the lines and corner at the north end of 4614. Suffice to say this was soon undercoated in Madder, as were several other parts on the opposite side.

Phil completed the Dark Grey undercoating at this end. Note that a tiny gap is left between the vertical corner tape and the edge of his painting. This prevents a hard line being created when the vertical tape is relocated to the correct position for completing the back - the initial setting of the tape is always for the more important side panel painting.

Thoroughly enjoying being home from University, there was no stopping Alex who ended his day top coating almost all of the windows surrounds on the Cotswold side of 4614.
A very pleasant surprise was the visit by Pete and Mo Lucas. Pete was one of my best painters before sadly having to retire with failing health. Thanks to the Railway's Retired Volunteers Pass scheme, both he and Mo are able to visit us whenever they wish and keep in touch with old friends, as well as enjoying a ride on the line.
Nicely framed by the signal, decorated small Prairie 5526 begins the run around the train in readiness for the return to Cheltenham with another train load of happy Santa visitors.
Report by Dave Clark



St Blazey 1925 said...

Who said Christmas holidays stop the show? Good work well done today! Like all the rest of us, I imagine that, (of course), Christmas D will be spent at home and Boxing Day will be spent with family and friends, as it should be. But there is no denying that C&W do keep going! Regards, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Surely on Boxing day you will all be watching the Test Match :)

Thanks for a great year of blogs.



Woodster said...

Wot no Saturday?

Alex said...

My F5 button is near worn out!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

No 'patients' some people.