Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Saturday - progressing at pace

After 2 carol services, a carol sing outside the local supermarket and a swim club Christmas fun gala Its blog time at last!

While most people on the railway are focussed on either the Santa's or Broadway our focus is on the race trains for the Cheltenham festival meet in early March. That is the planned schedule for 4614 to go into service. The seats have already been sold; no pressure then. today Steve was continuing the trim work on the vestibule area of the carriage.

while Eddie is making the drinks shelf for the wheel chair area. He will also be making some specially sized removable tables for the area as well.

Dave, the newly elected Head of Department, Congratulations, was cleaning up the corridor connection end plate on the carriage prior to painting. Yes we know when its in the rake nobody can see it. However, it looks so much better while the carriage is awaiting shunting into position in the rake or if it gets put on the end of the rake. This carriage won't be on the end! There was also some adjustments to one of the door liners and capping strips in the hope of making a better fit..


Of course we are aware of other railway priorities. The test templates, made in softwood, to ensure we get the profile looking right for the ticket office window barrier is looking good. The final version will be in hardwood.

Not the next carriage but the one we are working on at the moment is BSK 34929. Here Ken is working on reinstalling the north end corridor connection. The wooden surround goes on first.

Alan stripping the old and tired varnish from  a corridor door from the BSK.

Richard and Paul continued the floor building in the China Clay Wagon.

And various people were having fun rebuilding the mobile vacuum pump. The old ending is being replaced with an electric motor. The test proved very successful with a good vacuum created on the BSK. Some proper mountings will now be made for the motor. This will be a very useful asset as we will be able to test the carriages at will and not have to shunt things around to get the O3 in position.


St Blazey 1925 said...

The portable vacuum pump sees a very useful article.
Also to put on your list to Santa is a portable steam generator to make checking the steam heating for leaks easier and not to have to wait for a loco to fail! - also when needed, it tempts fate to just mention a loco failure!! Also a steam heat generator would also, again, save having to make a shunt each time you need to check the steam heat. Just a thought.
about the work being done - You do keep going don't you?, even on the final week to Christmas. Well done to you all and Christmas wishes and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone. Seasonal regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Funny you should mention a steam generator. We are looking into such an item.

We are open right through Christmas and the new year with the exception of Boxing Day.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

It seems you are getting like some of the supermarkets, always open!! Keep the wish list open for equipment, you deserve to have the right "toys" to do your work that is always to a very high standard.
We do hope you have a very good Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
Kindest Regards
Paul & Marion