Sunday, 10 December 2017

Saturday - steam test

With the Santa trains turning at the North Pole it was an opportune time for us to 'borrow' one of the locos to da a steam test. We connected up three carriages and waited only for the loco to fail. Fortunately some expert work by the crew they resolved the issue and came down as soon as they could which benefited us as they had a long wait for their train to return.

The test done, and some issues identified for us to sort out,  they off to connect up and away to Cheltenham.

Building Services returned to complete the concreting of the floor in the barn. They had completed the job by launch and a great job they have done. Thanks guys!

Also dealing with floors were Steve assisting Richard Stone with some flats for the floor of the China Clay Wagon. Once cut it was painted with a preservative

before being moved into position and screwed down.

Paul kept up the painting.

The upholstery team are have a little diversion at the moment; working on a set of seats for the diesel department. Penny was cutting strips of leather cloth for the beading.

Jenny was sewing the beading

and John fitting it. One seat almost done.

#Dave on the other hand kept going with the dismantling of worn out seats

Inside the LMS guards van Derick was completing the fitting of the external planking which is screwed through from the inside planks joining the inner and outer walls together.

He was also sizing the beading to secure the glass.

On 4614 the external work is now getting into full swing. George filling and sanding the north end.

while Steve was completing the trim beading around door 5.

Ken braved the cold longer than most marking up the north end of the BSK to fit new woods for the corridor connection to go back on.

with them marked up it was into the warm for drilling.

Andy and Andy were fitting steam hoses to 4614.

After some investigation 2 of the problems identified during the steam test were these cut off values. They have a small pressure release vent but the assembly is tricky and frequently ends up working the wrong way round. Releasing when it should seal and vice-versa. so the next task is to dismantle the valves and rebuild them with the mechanism correctly assembled.

Pam, as a snowman, seen at Toddington much for welding in C&W then. I also don't remember that being the uniform for shop assistance either.
 Have fun , they are!


St Blazey 1925 said...

Nasty covering of frost on those sleepers. Cold for the steam heating test! All the work is looking great. Regards, Paul in slightly warmer St Blazey!

Martin said...

Best wishes to all for Christmas - you've got a white one early. Don't eat too much turkey!
I'll see you after Christmas as I'll be there for the "Christmas Cracker"
Regards Martin from not so sunny Surrey!