Sunday, 31 December 2017

Saturday - Final session for 2017

 A good turnout with 22 in attendance, though getting rid of Christmas excesses was doomed to failure with the amount of food that appeared (and was eaten) in the Mess Room!

After losing two days of running this week because of the bad weather, it was good to see the Christmas Cracker Gala in action, with "Foremarke Hall" coming by in fine style.


For John Hamer it was back to checking and adjusting the bogies on BG 81039.


John Squires was again working on the vacuum testing machine, applying a coat of oxide in preparation for painting in undercoat Dark Grey followed by the same blue we used on the DMU.


Into the Woodwork shop to see Eddie, who was working on the new handrails for the Broadway Station ticket barrier. The posts weigh several hundredweight, so getting the correct measurements wasn't easy. However the template explains all and the end result is looking good. Final trimming of the second one was underway when I visited.

As for Eddie's adorable Ria, it was the usual pleading look which translated means, "Where's my biscuit?".


In the Paintshop Richard Stone was undercoating some of the new primed planking for the china clay wagon.
Sometimes the nuts undo easily, and sometimes they don't. Working on the china clay wagon, Paul Ellis encounters the latter, having to resort to the lump hammer and cold chisel to complete the job that even the angle grinder had problems getting through.
Lettering to be whitened and another job for Alex next Tuesday, having already done the plate on the other side of the wagon.

Clive, who now drives up from near Andover (about 60 miles), was undercoating the new wooden window frames on the LMS Guards Van. It's good to see the cabin glass back in.

Andy, who comes even further from Luton (80 miles), was replacing the oil pads for the van's axle boxes.


Tony was cleaning up the frames for the sliders on BSK 34929. We need to get these painted so that the cleaned and repainted sliders can go back in.

As expected there was a lot of activity on TSO 4614. Chris worked on two of the Malvern side doors, attaching the window and lazy tongs to the end one
and then working on fitments for the frame on the centre door.

Steve checks the fitting of the pelmet board for the corridor end sliding door,
before adding the beading in the Woodwork shop.

Andy later moved on to the north end hoses,
While Richard Johnson (in new bright overalls!) reinstated the step and tare plate at the same end. Now who's going to paint that tare plate - Jeff or Alex?

Talking of Jeff, he was completing the undercoating on the south end of 4614.


Our Works Finance Officer busy with the washing up - well done Jeff!


It was a busy day with still more going on and simply not photographed - apologies to those missed out.

Wishing a very Happy New Year to all our readers. With 2017 about to close, here's to a good 2018!

Report by Dave Clark

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