Saturday, 2 December 2017

On the move

It was another of those all change days With the electrical work starting Monday we had to shift everything around.
So the completed BG 81039 was shunt out of the paintshop ready to re-join the third rake.

In doing so it passed TSO 4614 which took its place in the moving from the workshop.

It didn't take long before Steve was back doing the panelling in the north vestibule and others started on  sections of filling and sanding as needed. this is mainly around capping strips that have only recently been put back on.

With some slight of hand from the shunting party the LMS brake van stayed where it was, if only it were that easy. The van was also soon being worked on with Ian undercoating on the Malvern side while Clive was working on the Cotswold side.

Another 'non' mover was the China Clay Wagon. Richard and Paul continued the prep and painting on the frame work and some sections of the wooden sides.

The rest of the workshop was left empty, well at least there is no coach. A mass move round and sort out was required to ensure space for the scaffold towers of the electrical team.

We identified, we hope, a few blank spots in the workshop that they won't need to access. This is where we stored all the workbenches and bits that would normally be in their way. As you can see from the missing lights it is time they were changed!

While we have restricted access we are also taking the opportunity to level a section of floor in the barn. Much of this section hasn't actually been seen for years.

The circular disc in the foreground is about 3 inched lower than the main floor with the surround slopping down to it. As can be seen this is immediately by the door to the workshop and as such people often stumble when entering the barn.

Ken found the time after all the moves to do a bit of protective red-oxide painting on the end of the BSK now on the jack road.

 There was a lot of other minor moves going on as well. The new moquette that arrived on Thursday was moved to the upholstery workshop. Various part removed from carriages and subsequently replaced were binned or stored and the usual big sweep up was carried out. 

Also on the move today and sorely missed for the a while was the trains. It was all change for them as well as the Santa's steam trains terminate here at the north Pole! The loco on a run round while the passengers visit Santa.


St Blazey 1925 said...

The BG does indeed look fantastic, especially now that it can be seen properly.
The barn does look empty. What, BTW, is/was the circular disc in the floor? Is/was it a drain of some description?
The LMS brake goes from good to better as it goes on and I await seeing it on a goods train.
Obviously, lots of work have been put in at C&W and it is a credit to you all. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

It was a drain access chamber but it’s been inspected by our drainage team and is passed ok to cover. Since the building extensions it’s been superceeded.

Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

Amazing to see the size of the barn with nothing in side, and yes those lights do need replacing, will they be LED replacements? Great work by you all despite the necessary extra work to clear the decks for the electricians.
Paul & Marion

crossleydd42 said...

"Slight of hand" is actually "sleight of hand", believe it or not! And "superceeded" is "superseded".

Toddingtonted said...

Without wishing to start a livery argument, were any BGs actually painted in the BR(WR) choc & cream livery? I guess some must have been as they may well have been used as luggage carriers on the Bristolian, The Cornish Riviera and other BR (WR) named trains whose coaches were turned out in this livery. I have also seen a colour photo of a BR Mk 1 coach in choc & Cream on a 2 coach train at Notgrove shortly before the Kingham-Cheltenham line closed so they did wander about a bit!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Searching chocolate and cream BG you will find an interesting chat on the subject. Net answer is yes there were and much as you suspected mainly for named trains but inevitably they escaped all over the place.