Thursday, 28 December 2017

Christmas - wrapped

With Christmas Day almost upon us, we're still beavering away at our various projects.

The first main job of the day is getting the coaches back into the Workshop and Barn now that the new lighting and extra 16 amp power points have been installed. BSK 34929 looks nicely lit under the new central row of LED lights.

Workshop done, and now the Barn as Richard Johnson guides Phil on the 03 with TSO 4986.


Paul Ellis cleans up more of the metalwork on the china clay wagon, with Richard Stone working at the south end.


More cleaned and painted  metalwork from the wagon,
plus some new planking which has been sanded and primed.

Now into the Woodwork shop to find Steve fabricating the framework for the central sections of ceiling for the enlarged vestibule in TSO 4614.


At the end of the day, the three new sections, completed and ready for a coat of primer.


The Caulfeld family painting team, Tony and Alex, making a wonderful job of top coating the entire Cotswold side of 4614, and all one within a few hours.


The completed first top coat Cotswold side, the Malvern side is still to do.

 In the south compartment where the seating has been installed, Richard Johnson applied the heating control identification plates.

Inside the LMS Brake Van, the internal walling is being refitted.

Ken was back working on the hardwood plates for the north end corridor connection of BSK 34929.

Another job done by him was taking the cover off the south corridor connection on TSO 4986.

John Hamer and Kevin working on the south end bogie of BG 81039. The riding quality of our coaches continues to improve with all the attention given to the bogies, wheelsets and general riding levels.

Richard removing loose paint from our new GUV 86828. As soon as we get the chance to do the job, the ghastly appearance will soon be covered up with a coat of fresh paint.
Post Christmas and back to work well almost! We had intended to meet up to blow away the over indulgence we intended to meet up again on Wednesday. However, there was a little matter of snow
and only 4 of us made it in. Eddie from Greet, Nick from Broadway, Geoff from Gloucester and myself from Cirencester.
Eddie continued the work on shaping the Broadway ticket barriers.

The first one done. Mounting them will be interesting as the posts will need to be very precisely positioned or the top won't go on. The match between post and rail is very exact.

All on wood work was Geoff who completed the final trim of the last door liner on 4614.

I took the opportunity of the quiet to put a second coat of varnish on the door panels for 2 of the doors.

while Nick continued with plating up the south end of the BSK. With the welding gas running low, it wasn't a day to go and get more, he tack welded into position many of the remaining plates. they will be fully welded up when the new supply arrives.

With more bad weather forecast for the late afternoon and evening we decide to finish around 15:00. So that we could all get home before the roads refroze and dark descended.

which did give me a chance to enjoy the scenery on the way home.



St Blazey 1925 said...

Well..., considering the weather (didn't get any snow in Cornwall but did it RAIN? It DID! With high winds - Sprouts no doubt!), you did a great deal with so little, (not little as in Elves), work force! I take my hat off to you! ( takes off imaginary hat!). Sometimes, being few in number can help as the peace and quiet goes nicely with what you are doing. Just seems a little lonely at times that's all. Well done for turning out in the awful weather. (Looks O.K. on Christmas cards and from behind glass). Let's hope the snow keeps away for the foreseeable as it doesn't go too well with railways, even if there are steam engines to thaw out point work. Regards, Paul.

Toddingtonted said...

Thank you very much for the update, including some of the skilled work done on other items for the GWSR as well as the rolling stock. No 4614 seems to have taken a tremendous amount of your time and effort to turn it into what soon will be a real asset & it's very heartening (I'm sure) to see it approaching completion. Unlike some blog followers, who seem unable to resist giving comments every time someone at the GWSR opens a tin of paint or shovels some ballast, I don't comment often but that doesn't mean I'm not very impressed with what you have been doing and how you make an effort to keep the World informed. I'm sure I'm not alone in this regard. Thank you and have a good new year. See you God willing, in March.

Jo said...

The tops to the crowd barriers at Broadway look fabulous. Well done !