Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wednesday -

With 32 attendees today there was a lot done. Most of it inside rather than in the fridge sorry barn. Actually thinking about it the fridge was probably warmer than the barn today.

Most of the painting is now finished on the BG with just some touching up still to do. David with the small brush.

It was find your spot today with both the doors being attended too and the floor being painted in between.

The completed floor.

Bryan, later assisted by Graham, was fitting the rain cover over the south end corridor connection. This is complicated by the fact the cover is not original but a heavy and rather stiff rubber.

Next in line id the TSO 4614. This is progressing well with the most advanced section of the interior having seat backs fitted. by the upholstery department. Penny Jenny and John Hill.

Starting to look very smart. The first section of the carriage.

Dave kept out of the way working on a seat base for the next carriage to come through. The good news being the rest of the new moquette arrived this afternoon.

On the other hand at the other end of 4614 Graham stripped the old flooring ready for the new to be laid next week.

That done Davey was cutting back the varnished wall panels ready for another coat.

Des was actually applying the second coat in the north end vestibule.

You always need to keep you eyes on the details. A door without a bump stop. The carriage side was also with out a stop. Graham fitted both of them.

The doors for 4614 are progressing well with the next 2's panelling being fitted.

and Colin was busy making the saloon's double sliding doors

while Eddie was applying the new table tops.

while also making what 'appears' to be a very large non spill tea tray for the loco department.

Steve was busy making and testing more LED strip lights.

We could almost do with fitting them under here! Rex and Ken were final fitting the steam heat pipework under the green TSO 4986.  Basically undoing all the joints to apply the sealant before tightening everything up.

John Hamer and Gerry were starting the overhaul of the bogies for the carriage all thought the full overhaul will take place when the carriage is in the workshop on some accommodation one.

The 2 sets of bogies got swapped this afternoon. When the pipework is finished the carriage will be lowered onto these. The inspection of all our lifting gear will completed. most of it was done today but with the carriage in the air the jacks couldn't be checked.

The other job in the barn today was Ken firstly fitting the captive nuts for the door handle on the north end of the BSK.

Then uncovering another old repair that will need more work on it.

Over the years since it was done our standards have gone up! Although the original repair has lasted exceptionally well.


St Blazey 1925 said...

Methinks you need some form of heating in the 'Barn'! Having said that, it certainly doesn't stop the good work being done. The BG will be wonderful to be a Guard in, and 4614 is really moving along now. Jolly good show by all of you! Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

The barn has a totally open end there is no heating, except perhaps a volcano, that would heat it as it is. We can do without a volcano!

Anonymous said...

A wood burner would take the chill off the barn..... all the line side clearance would provide the fuel ? Mick

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

With the open end it wouldn’t make a scrap of difference!

Alistair Kewish said...

I am not sure if this comment is relevant but some years ago in Mackworth ( Derby suburb) I happened across something remarkable. An entire set of former Midland coaches had been recycled into garages. And achieved in such a way that the components could have been recycled back into carriages!
I have never seen anything quite like it anywhere else in the UK.