Thursday, 9 November 2017

Wednesday - take a seat

The upholstery team are finally getting to see the fruits of their labour actually being fitted into a carriage. With assistance from Rex and Gerry the completed seat backs were moved down on the hoist, cross loaded onto the yard truck and trundled out to platform 1.

where the upholstery team with the assistance of Phil were soon fitting them into position.

Jenny secures the seat back into place. this is the first set of seat she has seen being made start to finish. all very exciting. Note the Santa's elves have been through here with their tinsel.
 after lunch Rex and Gerry took the swat bases out to the carriage as well. While the upholstery team weren't quite ready for them you do these moves while the weather is good.

On the north end of the BSK welding repairs are progressing well with Nick completing the toilet window area before providing some guidance to Pam with the lamp brackets. Ken Austin was following on grinding the welds flat and Ken Reeves was starting on the drilling the end woods ready for fitting.

Work is now starting in earnest at the south end of the carriage. Here we have to remove varios sections of floor and body side for the badly corroded base plate to be cut out and replaced.

Martin set about undercoating the window sliders from the carriage. We have realised the 2 of them don't actually match the rest. Its all to do with the wind deflectors. (I'll try and remember to take picture to show you in Saturday's blog)

On 4614 Geoff

and Colin are making great progress with the door liners to the north end vestibule doors.

After a trial fit of door three we have decided to replace the lock side door pillar so there is a some more work to do here. However, inside Des did complete the varnishing to the south end section of the saloon.

Spring adjustments and replacement are a prime activity at this time of year with the main running rakes available. The rotation of carriages onto and off the jack road is quick! There was another swap round today so no time to sit down what so ever.

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