Friday, 3 November 2017

Wednesday - Move it

With the onset of the railways winter shutdown The operational carriages become available for major maintenance work to be carried out.

So today was the opportunity to start the installation of the newly upholstered seats for the RMB in the maroon rake. Well almost, first you have to move all the old seats out. So as the upholstery team unscrewed the old seats and Gerry, Bryan and myself set about moving the seats away to storage.

The passengers donations amounted £4.49 and 10 cents along with a few tickets bubble blowing sticks etc.

The upholstery team after a little cleaning of the seat ends started on installing the new seat arm rests etc.

 On the move out of the yard was this modified toad which is heading for Llangothlan via Sutton Coalfield. Identification of these old long stored vehicles is not always easy this one is DW114765

Doors 'move' and the one from 4614 are getting a lot of attention to ensure they do so well when the carriage goes into service. Derrick fitting the window trim bottom edge. Later with Paul they did a test fit of the glass to ensure smooth uninterrupted movement. The glass was removed again while the hinges are fitted and the door hung. Its so much lighter without the glass and window scissors fitted.

Mike started outthe day making a lower door panel
before starting on the door liner for door 3.

Geoff and Colin were doing the liners for door1 1a and 6b. That finished next week they get to do doors 1b and 6a! We normally number every door but doors 1 & 6 started as single doors and have become double doors with the access modification hence the a & b designations.

Craig completed the liners for door 2.

Des was having a little time of from varnishing with some sanding on the BG 81039 before we moved all the seat ends he has varnished back into 4614. They will be fitted before he does a final coat of vanish.
Bryan had already been along this side checking the rivet line and replacing any that were loose or broken. He also did the Malvern side.

Russ along with Santa's sleigh that he painting. Another undercoat and sand down ready for the heat resistant and anti radar top coat. We were given some at one time but it wasn't red!

Some more planning ahead and prep work. Ken having extracted from our 'stock' some interior door tracks Gerry set about cleaning it all up and ensuring smooth operation ready for fitting by Steve, when he is ready, in the north vestibule.
Ken started preparing new wood corridor connection mounts for the north end of the BSK.
while Ken Austin straightened out the 3rd of 4 spear fence panels for building services.

Painting but not as we know it. Penny brought in several of her latest and (superb) seascape pictures.

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Toddingtonted said...

Lovely seascape artwork! Good also to see that one of the "linear scrapyard" vehicles is off to a new home, where hopefully it will be restored. I don't know how rare the GWR Toad brake vans are but I know that the GWSR has at least 2 in good nick and they are, of course, a part of the GWR railway scene. Thanks for your blog updates (as ever).