Thursday, 16 November 2017

Wednesday - Its that time of year

With the trains silent many from the operational departments found themselves at a lose. So come along to the second home on the railway, namely C&W. Thus once again it was standing room only at break. we may need a shift system soon!

The upholstery team continued with the seat swapping in 5023 today completing the first section of  16 seats. They also did a little final rearrangement of the RMB seats where some hadn't fitted in completely.

The final round of filling and sanding on the BG 81039 was completed today with Dave stating the vacuum round and clean up before painting starts.

On 4614 Ken and Gerry worked on refitting the south end corridor connection cover

while inside Des was applying the final coat of varnish to the second bay. This completes the southern half of the carriage. Which means this luggage rake being cleaned and polished up by Tony can be fitted tomorrow.

The door team are starting to focus on the panelling for the doors on 4614 as, except for door 3, they have all been trial fitted.

Mike was working on door three for the carriage fitting the hinge halves to the door. These had previously been position with just a screw but by th end of the they were fully bolted and the back plates fitted. It the picture Mike is chiselling out the recess for the back plates..

Craig explains the workings of the window scissor s to Phil ... and the problems we have with them which result in broken glass. Along with the door handles these are the things that visitors most interact with and need to work well. Friendly greeting comfortable seats etc. help as well.

With the door frames all progressing well Bryan was continuing the fitting of capping strips. Here making the cut out in the strip where it fits round the hinge plate.

In the barn Ken Austin completed some body side plating round door 6 at the north end of the carriage while in the yard John and Hamer and Gerry were refitting the restored spring to a pair of bogies.

Also happening but with a no pictures, the camera battery died on me:

was a lot of sorting and repositioning of spares round the yard. We are trying sort out and improve our 'stores facilities'.

Tony painting the Santa sleigh. That was a picture missed!

There was also a site visit by the company installing new lights for us in the workshop and barn. So we have some disruption ahead while its done but it will much improve thing for the future particularly in the barn where the ends of the carriage currently are always in gloom and its sometimes very difficult to get the spot lamps just where you need them.


St Blazey 1925 said...

I see from your second picture that the Elves have been at work! Now I love Christmas but it DOES seem an awful lot of work for such a short time - or... maybe we could put the feast back to what it used to be.....As in it could last until February??? NO!, I hear you say. Well, perhaps not. Anyway the workforce might see it as an excuse for extra long holidays abroad!

The current section of the fleet that you are re-restoring is looking good! How do the smaller railways like the Gwilli go about it with their limited workforce? Aah. they have less carriages. They do a remarkable job none-the-less! Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Since the old elf centre was demolished and a new one, the Tim Mitchell building, was built the elves have got a lot more work to do. The new building has about double the floor space. Is it worth it? Ask the kids and families that visit. Oh and the treasurer!