Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Tuesday - Guess what?

Well as it's Tuesday, it's an easy guess as to what's going on, but the surprise was just how far we had progressed with 81039 by the end of the day. An excellent effort all round.
With just 3 days left and still a lot to do, we soon got cracking (at least 4 of us are approx 8 a.m. starters on Tuesdays). On the Cotswold side, bar two panels, all the yellow lining out had been completed on Saturday, so it was on with the black line. Meanwhile John Hughes got going on the north end, initially painting the heavy rubber bellows and top cover, before coating the sliding door with the "Orange-brown" top coat.

On the Malvern side, lining out had yet to start so it was on with the yellow.
Guards doors open inwards, so Cheryl found it easier to paint within the compartment.
At the south end, the blacking up was in the hands of Keith.
Despite the inner black line being painted earlier on in the day, some carful taping up enabled Ainsley to paint matt black on the little information panels on the doors.

With much of the lining out completed as far as possible, more of us were able to move on to different things. Bob tidied up the edges of internal planking with the "Light Executive Grey" paint, while Stu and Ainsley tidied up some of the lines where tiny bits of yellow paint had seeped under the tape edge.

Stu washed the floor in preparation for a new coat of paint. The
Guards compartment was also given a good clean, and if we can manage it
timewise, it will get a partial repaint too.

A final shot of 81039 just before leaving for the day. Still a
bit to do, but the completion is now well within sight.

In the Upholstery shop Vivien stripped down two more seats ready
for re-covering in the lovely red chain-link moquette. More of this
moquette has been ordered and should arrive sometime this week.
John Hamer was also in and, amongst other jobs, ensured all the
steam heating controls on TSO 4614 were moving satisfactorily prior to
the seating being reinstated.

Report by Dave Clark


St Blazey 1925 said...

8am start! were ALL of you in the military? As Adrian Chronhour said, "It's 06.00. What's the 0 stand for? Oh my God it's early". The BG looks wonderful! Great work by you all. Regards, Paul.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

More a case of missing the Cheltenham rush hour.