Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tuesday - Catching up and more

A very heartening day with respect to progress and generally catching up with both the BG's painting as well as a number of other outstanding jobs. With 16 in we even got to do the Santa stuff!

Beginning with something quite different, three more of our staff received formal training in the use of the various machines in the Woodwork shop. Now with 3-year certificates, these were Geoff, Colin and Alan. Giving the training was Bruce from Tewkesbury Saw, with Eddie overseeing everything.


Also in today was John Hamer, working on SK 25743 from the 3rd Rake. Here John is repairing a compartment heating control.


Bob Slater did several jobs in TSO 4614, which included competing some outstanding varnishing in the new vestibule. His main focus was fitting some more of the varnished hardwood supports for the radiator covers.

Another important job done by Keith was to complete the first top coat on the new lamp brackets. Ideally these need to be in place in time for the Santa Specials which begin on Saturday 2 December

The big push today was to get BG 81039 completely undercoated, and with a good number attending this was admirably achieved.


As the day wore on and the undercoat was drying quickly, Stu was able to complete the remaining bit of roof top coating - a small length along the Cotswold side.

Most heartening of all was seeing Richard Hoy begin top coating the upper brown panels on the same side.
A number of minor filling and sanding jobs were completed on the north end by Stu and Maurice, which meant we could start painting on the dark grey undercoat.

More useful jobs comprised Keith black glossing steps and the sole bar, and Dennis replacing the two worn steps.

Other catch-up jobs included Dennis undercoating, and later top coating, more skirting board for the new vestibule in TSO 4614.


Somehow we have ended up with repainting a "Way Out" sign, presumably for the Santa Specials. Keith masked up the surround and lettering prior to adding several coats of white undercoat.

"You want me to paint this?!!". Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, Richard went on to top coat not only this, but the other two reindeer cut-outs as well.


Adrian got to do the sleigh, initially black glossing the legs before painting gold on the runners.

Report by Dave Clark


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St Blazey 1925 said...

I take it the sleigh comes under the term 'nondescript'!?! Congratulations on many jobs duly caught up with. Regards, Paul.