Thursday, 9 November 2017



As it was another Tuesday it's not hard to guess what most of us were doing and where. As such this is another short report.

However starting with something different, John Hamer came in specially to set up newly refurbished TSO 4763 on the jacks in preparation for the bogie exchange the next day. This involved uncoupling the brake mechanism to leave the bogies free.

Sometimes things don't quite go as planned and in this case it was the centre pin of the south end bogie causing the problem. Basically as the coach was jacked up the bogie began to ride up with it. However having experienced this problem before John soon had the pin freed up.

With more final checks completed the coach was then lifted up high and secured.

Back to the usual in the Paintshop with a lot more bodywork preparation being done on BG 81039. While Adrian and Stu (in the background) were back scraping, sanding and filling, Maurice cleaned up the Cotswold side of the roof. The roof clean-up is thus now completed and we can start the priming process on Thursday.

On the Malvern side it was much the same, though Richard was not only priming with oxide all his own scraped areas, but very kindly doing ours on the Cotswold side as well.

Having a well earned break from the coach prep work, Keith undercoated the new corridor connection woods for (I think) BSK 34929 and the new skirting for the north end vestibule of TSO 4614.
Report byDave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

The BG as designed as a none passenger carrying vehicle, looks extremely photogenic, especially in Western Region colours. Regards, Paul.