Friday, 3 November 2017

Thursday - all action

We had an attendance of 34 volunteers today the biggest number for a while and only 2 short of our record.

Paul and Dennis were taking to opportunity to give the Cotswold side of the maroon set a wash while its accessible in platform 1 at Winchcombe. They also cleaned the interior of the RMB in the rake ready for the upholstery team to continue the fitting of the new seats on Saturday.

The first half, the south end, of seat ends moved into TSO 4614 yesterday was promptly fitted by Alan and Roger today.

while Tony Barnard started on cleaning the luggage racks for the carriage. They will all be ready by the time the varnishing is completed.

On the exterior Rex was reattaching the corridor connection; 45 screw later job done.

Tony and Pat was busy sanding corridor window fittings for the BSK having checked and tidied up the exterior seal round the glass they had recently replaced. Nick was completing the roof's internal structural repairs.

After finishing the bogie ride investigation on 25743. BSO 9000 was extracted from the main rake for brake investigations. The brake rigging of the original early design for Mk1's so there isn't a lot of adjustment but the wear pattern on the brake blockes indicat the need for a some realignment

This was supposed to show the rust revealed when the south end structural steel/rust work was exposed. Having looked at it its probably best that the picture isn't clear!!!! Another complete new bottom plate for Nick to build.

Ken Austin's completed the 3rd panel of spear fence repairs. The last section only needs a little attention.

Dave was leading the way of a large team sanding and filling the BG today

Both ends, both sides

and the roof were all being worked on. Phil Jones, away from here getting new supplies, was on roof work today, The team are well over half way along now.


Anonymous said...

"brake blokes"?!?
A new volunteer role, men grabbing tightly onto the wheels while the train is in motion? Cheaper than casting new brake blocks, perhaps?
Great to see you had such a good turnout.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

At times that feels like me. This week swim club meeting swim club training, 2 days in C&W and a C&W meeting followed by publishing 3 blogs!