Monday, 20 November 2017

Thursday - A successful finish

Back to a more normal attendance yesterday with the usual scattering throughout the Works.

The first photo of the day was of Pat using the belt sander to clean up a part of an internal window frame for BSK 34929.

Then moving over to Nick on the metalwork bench where he is completing the fabrication of Pam Brown's lamp brackets for the Tim Mitchell building. The special magnets are extremely strong and hold the two bracket back supports at a perfect 90 degrees ready for welding.

Later in the day, with both brackets completed, Nick tests one on the corner of the building. Success! All that's left to do is to prime and paint them ready for fitting. They look very good and Pam will be delighted.

Returning to the Workshop where Bryan is cleaning up a section of capping strip for the Cotswold side double doors on TSO 4614.


Just behind is Phil preparing more coach electrical connections. Here he is gently warming the sleeve to seal it.

As has been previously reported, the state of the south end of BSK 34929 is no different from the north end, and is requiring some major cutting out of bad metal by Ken Austen.

Finally back to BG 81039, with the knowledge that we now have just over 2 weeks to complete the quick refurb. The new lighting installation in the Workshop and Barn now has to start a week earlier otherwise it will not be completed before Christmas, and 81039 has to be out of the Paintshop to allow TSO 4614 to come in to make space for the contractors. A hasty wipe over with thinners on the body sides is followed by the taping up of the lines and coach ends.

On the Malvern side, while Ainsley tapes up the northern end, Phil has started undercoating. No time to grey-up this time, it's straight into undercoat.

Another quick job, this time cleaning up and repainting straight into top coat the corridor end door at the south end of the coach.

Finally, Bob turns to smile at the camera while painting Flint Grey top coat on the roof. It may be just a single top coat all round as we are so pushed for time.
 We will just see how we get on over the course of the next week.
Report by Dave Clark

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