Friday, 10 November 2017

Thursday - Gathering pace

Another very big turn out as shown by just the odd seat available in the Mess Room during the morning break.

The progress in TSO 4614 is gathering pace as more and more stuff is going back in for fitting. In the south compartment Tony Barnard is reinstating one of the ventilation panels, while Alan and Roger are putting back the metal light shades. This will be followed by the luggage racks.

On the other side Bob Slater is sorting out the cross spar above the heating pipes for this seating bay. All the metal heating covers are in the Paintshop, painted up and awaiting fitting.

The progress can be compared with the north compartment where much of the refitting awaits. The light shades have been loosely attached in place for now.

A view of the rebuilt north end vestibule. The new veneer panelling will be given an initial coat of varnish simply to protect it. The new wiring is also going in.

There is still some metalworking to do on 4614. Rob works on the raw edge of the Malvern side south end doorway, generally cleaning it up prior to refitting the capping strip. I later saw Rob straightening the latter in the tool bench area of the Workshop.

Also in that area was Bryan, working on one of the threshold strips for the rebuilt vestibule.

Further down the Workshop Pat and Tony Baker were cleaning up more internal window framing from BSK 34929. Tony uses a tiny sander for the drainage channel on this bottom section.

Inside the south end of the coach Rex and Gerry were removing more corroded metal. No surprise that this end will almost certainly require the same attention being given to the north end.

At the north end Ken offers up another new section of sheet metal and then poses while I take the photo. Then it was back on with his safety visor and I moved away so that he could weld the section in place.


On the jack road, following final checks BSO 9000 was now ready to be moved out. A fair degree of shunting then took place to reform the main rake, including getting the two 3rd rake coaches (TSO 4763 and RMB 8108) ready for taking to Toddington for the Santa season.

Is somebody trying to tell me something?! Repainting the 03 is certainly in the long "To Do" list and, having seen the WSR's shining 03 on several occasions this year, hopefully we can get ours done next year.

Returning inside and to the Paintshop, Derek continues to make good progress with the LMS Guards Van. Here he is fitting beading around the ducket on the Cotswold side. The roof canvas has also arrived so as soon as we have got the rush job on the BG nearing completion we will make a start on this.


It was back to the usual with BG 81039. This is the horrible stage with the body sides when it seems that the prep will never end and it still looks the same day after day. While a group of us were working on both sides, up on the tower Jim etch-primed the Cotswold side of the cleaned-up roof.

He then painted on the light grey undercoat, which I finished off at the end of the day.

With his other work completed and all the BG's sanding finished for the day, Tony very kindly offered to start the Santa sleigh top coating. With all the other priority work in the Paintshop the sleigh and reindeer are I'm afraid low in the "To Do" list, so I am very grateful for whatever can be done.

Report by Dave Clark

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St Blazey 1925 said...

It's all coming along apace. 4614 looks better with every blog. The LMS guards van is nearly ready for service and then there's the Santa's sleigh...... Third class only with those hard seats, I'm sorry. But cushions are definitely necessary here!?! LOL. It's a good job that Santa traditionally has plenty of padding built into him! Ho, Ho, Ho! Regards, Paul.