Saturday, 25 November 2017

Thursday - movement of many fronts!

Starting with one picture from yesterday that seems to have got missed on the blog. Craig was doing one of those unsung jobs that are actually so important. The restraining straps for the doors usually have to be replaced when we do a carriage rebuild. 4614 is no exception with some straps broken or missing altogether.


On Thursday with another large attendance over 30 the BG painting progressed at pace with the top coating being completed

Indeed Dave went so far as to start removing the tape ready for lining out. That will be a job to start on Saturday. Some railways use a tape for the lining we use it to mask sections off while we paint the lines! Slower but so much more satisfying.

Derek was removing one last section of rotten wood on the Malvern side

 while Bob, who had completed the painting on the Malvern side of the BG moved on to start preparing the Cotswold side of the LMS Brake van ready for painting.

Work on the interior window trimming of TSO 4614 is nearing completion with Roger

and Alan both fitting and sealing some of the trim strips.

Pat was sanding and bundling sets of window trim from the BSK

while Tony was busy repairing and cleaning the luggage rack nets and supports for the same carriage.

Ken was out in the barn, it was nippy out there, completing the replacement of a long section of Door pillar. A short section had been replaced but we subsequently found the rest of the Z section above the repair was a much worse state that we thought and it was best to replace the whole bit.

 In readiness for the repairs to start at the south end of the BSK Rex cleaned up and prepared the base plate and 2 sections of crash pillar.

Bryan was painting the sliders from the carriage. Just count them off one by one and keep going until the count reaches 18.

Out in the yard John Hamer, Ken and Phil were testing and checking a vacuum cylinder that has been reported ad malfunctioning. Its didn't, it did, it did,  oh lets change it. Back in the workshop it was ok with out one of the valve fitted. Change the valve, that's better. Then back to refit it. !@*&! its raining, oh well keep going and the carriage was soon back to full working order.

and finally three unlikely elves delivering Santa's new sleigh Dave and Malcolm up front with me at the back.

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