Monday, 20 November 2017

Saturday - Its all happening

Such has been the focus on getting the racks ready for next year that somethings have been left undone. One of those things is a tidy up. Of course you never know quite what you will find. Once we started tidying up we found things long forgotten much as you are liable to in the loft.
This wasn't in the loft but what is known as container 2. Its the one nobody has dared venture into for years. In it this vacuum pump was found. Seemingly someone had started an overhaul but things happened it was put away and until now has not come out again. This is the 'clean' version of the unit after it had been 'Gunked' and washed.

The engine has also been removed by Kern and John Squires but the thought is the engine will be replaced if we can show the rest of the unit works ok. If it works then we may be able to do the odd vacuum test with having to start up the shunter and move things around.

In the paintshop and somewhat more urgent id the painting of the new lamp brackets that it would be good to have in place for Santa's visit. George carefully painting the brackets which in this position look rather like some catoon TV dog.

The now open wagon version of the China Clay wagon is progressing wellwith much of the steel work now being painted by Richard and Paul.

It was along walk for the upholstery team today as the maroon rake has been shift to the C&W head shunt out of the way of the race trains today. Still once there and with a delivery of seats to fit they were soon busy. They completed the second bay of the carriage so are now half way through the carriage. The rest will have to wait until after the Santa trains.

So its an interesting carriage at present with 2 different moquettes. I wonder how many people will actually notice. Not many I suspect.

While all the seats were ready for the carriage there was a shortage of arm rests. So as fast as they were removed by John and Jenny. Dave

and Penny set about removing the old moquette and remaking them with the new.

In the barn James continued with the north end repairs to the BSK

while Steve continued the panel trimming on the entrance vestibule at the north end of 4614. He has also prepared the tracks for the saloon entrance doors. but we need to get the new floor covering in place before they can be fitted properly.

This was at the same time as Andy and Ian were working on the capping strips for the doors.(sorry no picture of this but important progress all the same)

In the paintshop the BG was starting to look presentable again with the undercoat going on and covering up all the patches and repairs. Dave here and later in the day several others contributing to the effort.


Anonymous said...

If time is short and bearing in mind the BG is only going into the third rake for a short period until replaced by the BSK currently being refurbished, did you not consider out-shopping the BG in BR unlined crimson? An authentic livery, one colour and no lining.

I always enjoy reading the blog and seeing the high standard to which the work is done.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

We always aim at 1 colour scheme for a rake the 3rd rake is C&C so C&C it has to be. We did think we had a week longer , so no problem with the lining out. However, the electrical contractor doing some work for us couldn’t guarantee completing the work before Christmas unless he started earlier. So we have moved thinks forward a week to accomodate them.

Alex said...

Blimey, must be in a rush if even Dave's painting!! :D :D