Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wednesday -

With 32 attendees today there was a lot done. Most of it inside rather than in the fridge sorry barn. Actually thinking about it the fridge was probably warmer than the barn today.

Most of the painting is now finished on the BG with just some touching up still to do. David with the small brush.

It was find your spot today with both the doors being attended too and the floor being painted in between.

The completed floor.

Bryan, later assisted by Graham, was fitting the rain cover over the south end corridor connection. This is complicated by the fact the cover is not original but a heavy and rather stiff rubber.

Next in line id the TSO 4614. This is progressing well with the most advanced section of the interior having seat backs fitted. by the upholstery department. Penny Jenny and John Hill.

Starting to look very smart. The first section of the carriage.

Dave kept out of the way working on a seat base for the next carriage to come through. The good news being the rest of the new moquette arrived this afternoon.

On the other hand at the other end of 4614 Graham stripped the old flooring ready for the new to be laid next week.

That done Davey was cutting back the varnished wall panels ready for another coat.

Des was actually applying the second coat in the north end vestibule.

You always need to keep you eyes on the details. A door without a bump stop. The carriage side was also with out a stop. Graham fitted both of them.

The doors for 4614 are progressing well with the next 2's panelling being fitted.

and Colin was busy making the saloon's double sliding doors

while Eddie was applying the new table tops.

while also making what 'appears' to be a very large non spill tea tray for the loco department.

Steve was busy making and testing more LED strip lights.

We could almost do with fitting them under here! Rex and Ken were final fitting the steam heat pipework under the green TSO 4986.  Basically undoing all the joints to apply the sealant before tightening everything up.

John Hamer and Gerry were starting the overhaul of the bogies for the carriage all thought the full overhaul will take place when the carriage is in the workshop on some accommodation one.

The 2 sets of bogies got swapped this afternoon. When the pipework is finished the carriage will be lowered onto these. The inspection of all our lifting gear will completed. most of it was done today but with the carriage in the air the jacks couldn't be checked.

The other job in the barn today was Ken firstly fitting the captive nuts for the door handle on the north end of the BSK.

Then uncovering another old repair that will need more work on it.

Over the years since it was done our standards have gone up! Although the original repair has lasted exceptionally well.

Tuesday - Guess what?

Well as it's Tuesday, it's an easy guess as to what's going on, but the surprise was just how far we had progressed with 81039 by the end of the day. An excellent effort all round.
With just 3 days left and still a lot to do, we soon got cracking (at least 4 of us are approx 8 a.m. starters on Tuesdays). On the Cotswold side, bar two panels, all the yellow lining out had been completed on Saturday, so it was on with the black line. Meanwhile John Hughes got going on the north end, initially painting the heavy rubber bellows and top cover, before coating the sliding door with the "Orange-brown" top coat.

On the Malvern side, lining out had yet to start so it was on with the yellow.
Guards doors open inwards, so Cheryl found it easier to paint within the compartment.
At the south end, the blacking up was in the hands of Keith.
Despite the inner black line being painted earlier on in the day, some carful taping up enabled Ainsley to paint matt black on the little information panels on the doors.

With much of the lining out completed as far as possible, more of us were able to move on to different things. Bob tidied up the edges of internal planking with the "Light Executive Grey" paint, while Stu and Ainsley tidied up some of the lines where tiny bits of yellow paint had seeped under the tape edge.

Stu washed the floor in preparation for a new coat of paint. The
Guards compartment was also given a good clean, and if we can manage it
timewise, it will get a partial repaint too.

A final shot of 81039 just before leaving for the day. Still a
bit to do, but the completion is now well within sight.

In the Upholstery shop Vivien stripped down two more seats ready
for re-covering in the lovely red chain-link moquette. More of this
moquette has been ordered and should arrive sometime this week.
John Hamer was also in and, amongst other jobs, ensured all the
steam heating controls on TSO 4614 were moving satisfactorily prior to
the seating being reinstated.

Report by Dave Clark

Monday, 27 November 2017

Saturday - somethings are more important than others

We may be on a countdown to shunting BG 81039 next Saturday but there is always time to stop for a cuddle with Rhia. Pam with a big smile.

It would be possible to fill the blog with pictures of Rhia with her fan club.

John Hawkins was investigating the fixing of the rain cover over the corridor connection at the south end of the BG. Its not an original so we will have to make a modification on Wednesday.

I was on the opposite end painting the 'join' between the side colours and the black end.

Under instructions from his son Alex, now at university, dad Tony was in to help out with the finishing of the BG. In the background we can see Pam did get round to lining out.

Richard, escaping his duties as Chairman for a few hours applies the numbering and lettering to the carriage. By the end of the day most of the yellow lining out on the Cotswold side was complete

The Malvern side still needs the Yellow line the black line and an adjacent matt black panel on each door to paint. As they are adjacent we do have to allow drying time between each. so that's 3 day work fortunately we have three workdays left to do it in.

Richard Stone and Paul continued the work on the China Clay Wagon. paint some sections and sizing the planks to refit the sides.

The jack road in the barn is again occupied by the green TSO for the pipework to be completed and the joints properly sealed.

 John Squires cut the final section of pipe to complete the work.


Progress on he LMS brake van is continuing with Clive checking and re-oiling the axle boxes

prior to the fitting of the running boards which were being cut and sanded.


Another of this little job that go unnoticed. The sliding door hangers. We have a shortage of these due to the wheelchair access modification to 4614. Here John Osborn is making a some new one for us.


Inside 4614 the upholstery team made a modest start to seat fitting by putting in the arm rests for the seats in the first bay of the carriage. Their main focus of the day was to make a start on the seats for the green TSO. We await the arrival of the main batch of moquette for that. However, they do have some to make a start with just not enough for the whole job.
Steve continued the trimming of the entrance vestibule and prepared it for the new flooring to go in next week. There is still some work to be done for this but that should be completed on Wednesday. we shall see.

Thanks to Dave for the picture today, my phone hadn't charged overnight despite being plugged in, or so I thought.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Thursday - movement of many fronts!

Starting with one picture from yesterday that seems to have got missed on the blog. Craig was doing one of those unsung jobs that are actually so important. The restraining straps for the doors usually have to be replaced when we do a carriage rebuild. 4614 is no exception with some straps broken or missing altogether.


On Thursday with another large attendance over 30 the BG painting progressed at pace with the top coating being completed

Indeed Dave went so far as to start removing the tape ready for lining out. That will be a job to start on Saturday. Some railways use a tape for the lining we use it to mask sections off while we paint the lines! Slower but so much more satisfying.

Derek was removing one last section of rotten wood on the Malvern side

 while Bob, who had completed the painting on the Malvern side of the BG moved on to start preparing the Cotswold side of the LMS Brake van ready for painting.

Work on the interior window trimming of TSO 4614 is nearing completion with Roger

and Alan both fitting and sealing some of the trim strips.

Pat was sanding and bundling sets of window trim from the BSK

while Tony was busy repairing and cleaning the luggage rack nets and supports for the same carriage.

Ken was out in the barn, it was nippy out there, completing the replacement of a long section of Door pillar. A short section had been replaced but we subsequently found the rest of the Z section above the repair was a much worse state that we thought and it was best to replace the whole bit.

 In readiness for the repairs to start at the south end of the BSK Rex cleaned up and prepared the base plate and 2 sections of crash pillar.

Bryan was painting the sliders from the carriage. Just count them off one by one and keep going until the count reaches 18.

Out in the yard John Hamer, Ken and Phil were testing and checking a vacuum cylinder that has been reported ad malfunctioning. Its didn't, it did, it did,  oh lets change it. Back in the workshop it was ok with out one of the valve fitted. Change the valve, that's better. Then back to refit it. !@*&! its raining, oh well keep going and the carriage was soon back to full working order.

and finally three unlikely elves delivering Santa's new sleigh Dave and Malcolm up front with me at the back.