Thursday, 26 October 2017

Wednesday - sunshine

When the sun is still creeping over the rooftops as I leave home for C&W I know its near the end of the running season and its going to be all hands to get through the work scheduled / listed for action before the new season.
 The first job that needed completion was the flooring in the RMB 1808 All done by Bob Webb and his mate.

 4614 is the scene of much activity with the need to get the doors and doorways sorted before the carriage moves to the paintshop in about 6 weeks time. Paul has started on the fit of the blank door panel.
Colin and Geoff have started on their first door liners Colin on the |Malvern side while Geoff started on the malvernside.

Mike was completing the fit of the door skin to the frame on door 3
while Craig was fitting new rubber and felt liners to the window tracks. These liners are help in place by small eyelets fitted deep in the track so a Craig uses his own design of fitting tool for some great results.

Des was applying the second coat of varnish in the centre vestibule.

 There is extensive work being done to the bogies. Nick is welding in new guides

while on the other side John Hamer and Gerry were preparing the other side

and Malcolm was cleaning and painting another one.

Out in the glorious sunshine Ken was drilling out the broken bolts around the corridor connector for the north end of the BSK

The upholstery team were 'woodworking' apparently with permission from the woodworker! John Hill cutting some seat side panels
while Dave start positioning the arm rest blocks on the cut panels and Penny and Jenny removed the old moquette from other blocks.

Of course we didn't forget 4763 in the paintshop. Here Bryan who joined us today helped Davy clean the windows ready for the carriage to be out shopped on Saturday. Another carriage spruced up ready for Broadway to open.

Once P'Way get this lot of sleepers and more laid. They had a good day.


Paul & Marion Sucksmith said...

That morning shot was a delight, I saw that same pattern but with added lines to make squares at about 08:40 over the Vale of Aylesbury.
So more carriages for Broadway and more great work done by you all.
Paul & Marion.

St Blazey 1925 said...

Looks like you have a great deal of work to do before the new running season. If only I lived closer.... but I don't. I can only assist by commenting upon the great work that all the departments do to create the whole which is the GWsR! Regards, Paul.