Thursday, 5 October 2017

Wednesday -

There was a lot going on around C&W today not all of it work on the carriages and wagons!

Trevor was keep well out of the way of the 'other goings on' by completing the first top coat of cream on TSO 4986.

While Des focused on the internal panelling of 4614. He completed the staining and first cost varnishing before starting of the wire wool rub down of the previously varnished sections ready for the next coat of varnish.

Tony was doing the same on the seat end lining the paintshop wall. When you take something apart its always amazing how much space it takes up in component form

Tony finished to day with some more varnishing of 4614 components.

The door team are in full swing with the panelling of 4614 doors. as Mike trial fits the panel for door 6A, Paul is actually planning the edge of the panel for door 1A

while in the workshop John Varley was repairing the skin of another door prior to the wooden frame being fitted. John had already welded the hinge mount plates on  one of the door openings for the BSK after a new Z section of door frame had been put in.

Rex having removed the toilet window ready for structural repairs to the frame surround moved on to investigate the state of another door frame Z section. Oh dear another one to come out I suspect. No doubt James will pronounce judgement on Saturday.

With such a large department and a vast array of tools the PAT testing is taking some time. Its a bit of a moving target oin a working day. No sooner had they tested something than it was in use somewhere round the workshops and so keeping tabs out what had been done and what still needing doing wasn't easy.

Ken made a start on the spear fencing. cutting the bent rails and then straightening both them and the main horizontal rail. By the end of the day the first panel was done and returned to Building Services and a the next one collected.

Ed with our newest volunteer Geoff. I can see we are going to have trouble with this pair!

Geoff was hiding behind the head of one of Santa's reindeer. Here is the other end along with the front legs.

and here Geoff holds the body with out its legs and antlers it looks rather more like a sausage dog.

along with the sleigh they were in to be used as templates for the new set to cut out by the woodwork team. With the templates drawn they were all carefully re wrapped and put back in storage for a bit longer.

Back to normality and Richard Johnson assisted John Hamer in the removal of a set of springs. These are being sent away for re-tempering.

Sorry this last picture is sideways!
We were asked recently about the bulbs we use in the carriages I was misguided in my reply as we are now in the process of changing over to low powered LED  bulbs specifically for 10-30V DC. The picture is of the box label. I will find out were we order them from if anyone want to know.
We would caution about the purchase of cheap versions of this type of bulb. In the first batch we tried one of the bulbs blew very soon after fitting when we expected a long life!. Having an electrical engineer amongst our volunteers he took the remains of the bulb apart and discovered that it was electrically unsafe being incapable of handling the declared voltage range it claimed to handle. A point he took up with our supplier who was shocked by the findings. He subsequently demanded changes and checks by his supplier in, yes, china.


Crazyboxhead said...

This might be a bit much, but could you on your next post draw up a diagram, and/or have a couple pictures of the Dogfish's (if you still have it) braking system, including how the vacuum cylinder and the handbrake interact. I have a slight idea, but can't really place my finger on it. It would be very cool to see how the brakes are applied to the wheels on the dogfish, thanks :)

Ken. said...

That could prove difficult as they are currently in use, Toddington to Broadway.

Ask Jo on the Extension Blog if he can do it when he has chance.

Crazyboxhead said...

Not sure if this is the right place for such a request, anyways keep on doing what you guys are doing, interesting to see a restore in real time.