Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Wednesday - Wonderland

We are defiantly into that time of year. Some of the activities in C&W are not carriage related! With 23 signed in today there was scope for a wide range of activities
Santa's newest reindeer are getting a rub down by Geoff and later they were smoothed and soothed by Russ already for a coat of something to protect them tomorrow.

Well someone had to take the sleigh for a test run.

I have never worked out how Santa stopped in an emergency. However, I do know that Ken is fitting the emergency cord on 4614. Getting the rodding lined up is important or the action is to stiff to operate properly. Some of the mounting brackets need a little packing to achieve it.

The upholstery team were, for a change, putting some spare seat springs into storage. They are usually found in the yard looking to extract them.

They got held by the P'way team unloading chairs from a lorry.

They still had plenty left to work on Dave and Jenny with the big needle

while John and Penny used the staple gun

Working on the seat ends in the paintshop the Des Davey and Trevor started with the wire wool on the seat ends before applying a second coat of varnish.

Yesterday's blog had a group sitting on the Broadway bench which must have been a galling sight for the Broadway lads on the P'Way team. They came for sit down on the said bench for the lunch break on;y to find that the Trevor and Davey had already painted it with the first top coat and hung uo the wet paint signs.

Russ joined Trevor Davey and des in 4614 and started on the wire wool rub down of the first coat of varnish in the south vestibule and the main salon

before applying the second coat of varnish.

It was good to see the progress on the door while I was away. Both pairs of disabled access doors are on the carriage and by the end of the day closing nicely

Derek has started on the last door for the carriage, door 3.

while John Varley secured the strengthening bar for the door stop on door 1A before fitting the passenger handle on the bodyside for door 2.

In the barn Rex was learning why we don't need gym membership. By the time he had raised the third bogey end to remove the wheelset he had worked up a good sweat.

Gerry Bonner who joined us today was helping Rex and John Hamer put new oil seals in the bearing housings of 3 bogeys today.

It makes us wonder as there was no trace of old seals in any of them.

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St Blazey 1925 said...

Life in the C&W works continues to the tune of 'Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer', no doubt! I prefer the WW2 'Music while you work' type of music, myself. Another title could be, 'They also serve who only create Christmas decorations'!!, and how does Santa stop the sleigh? - Simple! He nudges it into mid gear and applies the vacuum brakes of course! Regards, Paul.