Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Tuesday - Sweeping up

We had 12 in attendance and not just working on TSO 4763 either, though obviously with the deadline moving ever nearer much of the effort had to be on this. John Hamer came in, initially to check a steam leak reported on TSO 5042 which is in service in the main rake. It will need fixing but a patch-up will be tried as it is currently not possible to bring this coach into the Works.

The Cotswold side of 4763 was very much the subject of lining out, with Maurice, Richard and Adrian getting the yellow line in place.

On the Malvern side Stu completed the main top coating with the bottom section going into GW Brown.

Later in the day Stu and Keith completed a number of outstanding painting jobs on both ends.

While all this was going on Dennis removed all the seat coverings and any residual masking tape left over from the ceiling painting.

Meanwhile in the Barn, Bob was removing the last of the warped ceiling panels from BSK 34929.

Keith also did some priming. Here the gate hook modified by John Osborn on Saturday, as well as a metal bar from the china clay wagon.

In RMB 1808 in the 3rd Rake, John Hughes is applying wood filler where needed to the vestibule floors and the area in front of the serving hatch. A screed and new lino will be going down on Tuesday/Wednesday next week.
With so many areas of wet paint on 4763, the jobs get less and less. So with brooms and spades, and two wheelbarrows borrowed from Building Services, we had a grand sweep up in the car park in front of the now completed Tim Mitchell building on Platform 1.
Testing the rebuilt Broadway seat. Well, that's our excuse anyway. It's about time we finished painting this!
Report by Dave Clark

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