Thursday, 26 October 2017

Tuesday - A mixed bag

A very mixed bag of painting today, everything from the formal to the comical!

With just three more working days before TSO 4763 returns to the big wide world, so the push is on to get it all ready in time. Cheryl and Richard Hoy completed the black liniong out on the Malvern side of the coach.

Stu went round with little brushes tidying up. It may seem fussy but the overall result of doing this makes it very worth while.

There were also the two ends to complete with the black gloss.

And now for something completely different! Keith looked somewhat bemused when I said that all these cut-out reindeer need wood primer, including the backs of the ones previously primed and undercoated. However he did a grand job.
As for the sleigh it was too big to put in the Paintshop as there is so much else currently in there (seat side panels for TSO 4614, the large Broadway bench, etc, etc), so it was primed in situ in the Woodwork shop by Dennis and John. 
John later added more top coat to the seat planks for the Broadway bench.

The vestibules and bar area in RMB 1808 (3rd Rake) received a coating of screed ready for the new lino, which is being laid the following day.

Finally Nigel Barton-Hawkins brought two visitors enjoying a Yard Tour. These are booked via our Admin Office and comprise formal visits to both the Loco Sheds and C&W, and are a very good way of seeing behind the scenes and meeting the volunteers at work.

Report by Dave Clark

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