Saturday, 14 October 2017

Tuesday - Mainly painting

We had eleven in with just about everyone working on TSO 4763 as the coach is needed for the end of October.

The one exception was Vivien still working on the seats for the weighbridge office.

On the 4763 with Cheryl painting the first top coat along the lower brown section of the Malvern side, while Ainsley began the second top coat along the top section.

More second top coating was done on the Cotswold side with Adrian doing the top brown section and Stu doing that side of the roof.

Maurice top coated the remaining part of the roof between the channels at the north end. A second top coat of this will complete the roof.

Later on Adrian and Richard began the windows on the Cotswold side. We are making excellent progress with the exterior painting.

On to the inside with John Hughes undercoating the south vestibule ceiling. Dennis (not photographed) completed the ceiling undercoating in the south compartments.

Keith looked after the north vestibule, and then gave the corridor end door another coat of paint.

Then there is the sole bar to do. We are not doing any underframe painting with this coach, especially as the bogies are due to be swapped anyway.

Report by Dave Clark

Monday - I don't really think this one, the 8 minute ride on the Conwy Valley Railway at Betws-Y-Coed  should count but the quarter scale 'Britannia' was worth a close look as was the nearby Swallow Falls.

Tuesday -  Started with a trip on the Snowden Mountain line

we suffered Reggie Perrin's train fate - Sheep on the line

and the view at the top wasn't much either!

back at the base and over the road the Llanberris line along the lake and to the Slate Museum was rather more pleasant.

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